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An Inside Look into Reece Mennie’s Incredible Journey


Reece Mennie is an accomplished entrepreneur and B2B expert. He co-founded Hunter Jones in 2013 and serves as the CEO. He has been at the forefront of the investment opportunities introduced by the investment managers within the company. In addition to his role at Hunter Jones, he has worked closely as a business development manager for Empire Property Holdings, where he developed a business-to-business network with a range of investment companies.

Reece is also the CEO of HJ Collection, a professional property development company. Reece boasts extensive experience in sourcing, developing, introducing, and raising capital for lucrative property developments in the UK and worldwide.

He also has multiple companies that fall under the Reece Mennie brand, including Bigas Marketing, a marketing company, and Dennis & Dyer Boxing Academy, a boxing academy/gym that is greatly impacting society, nurturing promising boxing talents in the UK. The two companies are part of Reece’s program of giving back to the wider business community. He came up with the idea during the lockdown after evaluating his many business accomplishments and discovering the need to revise his business interests and hopefully devise new ventures for corporate social responsibility.

Unbeknown to many, Reece shares an inspirational journey to the top of the industry. Born and raised in Cheshunt, UK, Reece grew up with a passion for the business world. He was truly convinced that a 9–5 job was not going to be his career path. At 15, Reece dropped out of school with no qualifications and headed straight to help his father, an entrepreneur. He took an interest in his father’s business’ sales department, adopting a sales role. Incredibly, Reece displayed innate sales and customer service skills. He found it fascinating to engage with other businesses that were buying stationery from their business.

In a record two years, Reece and his colleagues had scaled the business’s turnover two-fold. For the next few years, the business experienced the same upward trajectory. Unfortunately, a family decision was reached to sell the business. With no other alternative, Reece decided to pursue his newfound passion for the sales world. Reece began his career in sales for a printing company, starting at the bottom as a sales advisor and becoming head of sales within a few years.

Reece later found his way into the real estate industry, landing a new role for an investment introducing firm that focused on alternative property investments.Though he started from the lowest ranks, Reece showed great dedication and hard work in an authentic way to scale in the company. With time, Reece managed to work his way up to head of the sales team at that business. However, his entrepreneurial nature was being suffocated, which resulted in him starting a company that would offer alternative property investments with a culture that would suit him.

Since then, Reece has grown to become one of the top personalities in the industry. Reece has established a leading reputation within the real estate industry, working with key property development partners.

Reece now wants to empower other entrepreneurs to find their success in the field. He has established his top 25 podcast series, “Mennie Talks,” where he interviews proven and renowned business leaders who provide insight into their journey to success while offering guidance and advice for listeners and followers across the globe.

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