Meet Lovello Elizabeth, the Chic Solution to Your Apparel Needs


As the onset of the covid-19 pandemic changed nearly every aspect of society’s daily life, so did it alter the world’s fashion trends. With remaining indoors emphatically suggested in some countries and completely mandatory in others, the world’s need for business and party attire all together disappeared and was instead overwhelmingly replaced by a huge demand for loungewear. Though the trend came to a head in 2020 and inspired a number of new ventures in its wake, one long-time player in the loungewear game made a continued market impact with its quality and expertly-driven designs; meet Lovello Elizabeth, the chic and simple staples fit for everyone’s wardrobe.

Founded in 2014 by designer Alnika Lovello, Lovello Elizabeth has been making waves across the loungewear sector for years, far ahead of the present-day craze for coziness. With the goal of blending both comfort and personal style into her sought-after designs, Lovello likewise crucially brings in her own individual ethos and identity as a biracial woman into the design process, putting a distinct and unique stamp on her Instagram-beloved collection.

Diversity is in fact something Lovello Elizabeth looks to uplift and embrace at its core, offering a collection of sizing ranging from XXS to XXL so people of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the brand’s luxe take on cozy clothing. Beyond women’s wear, Lovello Elizabeth has expanded its range to incorporate both children and men and has big plans in store to grow these categories, allowing the entire family to get in on the fun.

While covid-born imitations have attempted to saturate the loungewear market, Lovello Elizabeth has continually stood out with its commitment to quality, only releasing and selling clothing — like its majorly in-demand jumpsuits — that has passed the brand’s rigorous standard assessments.

“Quality has been the top priority since day one,” revealed Lovello. “It’s very important to me to make sure that fabric is the right fit for the design, that sizing is perfect in terms of range and fit, and that details are well put together. Sometimes collections take longer to release because I’m really focused on making sure we deliver on the quality.”

Having successfully navigated its way into a nationwide brand, Lovello Elizabeth has major brand milestones set to hit the market soon, including resortwear, swim, and denim upcoming in 2022. In its transition away from a specific loungewear-focus and into a variety of options for all occasions, Lovello Elizabeth’s commitment to comfort and versatility will remain steadfast in all upcoming collections, giving fans of the brand’s signature ethos something to highly look forward to in the seasons to come.

While the world begins transitioning back into its regularly scheduled programming, Lovello Elizabeth is set to remain a go-to choice for fashion mavens across the map, having unequivocally demonstrated that comfort doesn’t need to be sacrificed to have top-notch personal style.

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