How Entrepreneur Zach Zerk Built an Empire on Sharing His Network and Knowledge 


With so many young professionals in pursuit of the American Dream, these days, it takes so much more than a dream to truly acquire success. For up-and-coming entrepreneur Zachary Zerk, his success as a newly self-made millionaire has been years in the making. Enlisting one of the most important utilities of entrepreneurialism, Zerk has utilized the power of network to parlay his success. With his expertise in financial literacy, specializing in cryptocurrency and stocks, Zerk got his start after working his way up with iGenius as a distributor, offering financial services as part of the financial literacy network marketing company that is owned by Invest View.

As younger generations like Millenials and Gen Z continue to show trends of embracing opportunities to learn about finance, Zerk’s sales with iGenius have been a testament to how crucial it is for consumers to learn about financial literacy in the ever-changing landscape of finance, now with crypto and blockchain in the equation. Working with clients in person and online, he’s managed to help position people for success, by teaching them how to manage their money to achieve the best outcome.

While he’s only been with iGenius less than a year, Zerk has already amassed ranking with the company as an ambassador. Together with his endeavors at iGenius combined with other business ventures, the budding entrepreneur was fortunate enough to transition into an eight-figure portfolio this year that only continues to appreciate. While iGenius makes up a huge part of his success, another component of his professional career is attributed to his endeavors with the Proctor Gallagher Institute where he earned his status as a licensed awareness coach. Specializing in courses that help individuals stay motivated, productive and efficient, Zerk has worked closely with clients to help them learn self-awareness, utilizing tools and programs like The Secret, the paradigm shift, subconscious re-entrainment, hypnotherapy and other personal development curricula.

Though financial literacy and self-awareness might not seem directly correlated, Zerk’s entrepreneurial endeavors bridge the gap between these two industries, as he strives to help people improve their lives. Given his own success and track record, through sharing the keys to financial literacy and one’s own personal potential, Zerk continues to find new and innovative ways to share his network and knowledge. To learn more about Zach Zerk, follow him on Instagram.