Meet the Luxury Vehicle Repair Shop Trusted by the Rich & Famous of South Florida: Superior Exotics Team


In southern Florida, luxury cars are a way of life. From the sparkling shores of Miami Beach to the vast greens of Boca Raton, the south eastern coast of Florida has become a spectacle for exotic, high-end luxury cars as they cruise through some of the most affluent neighborhoods and destinations in the state of Florida. In fact, Florida is ranked as third in the nation with the most luxury vehicles with 25.3% of car sales classed as luxury. But when it comes to knowing who to trust with repairs and maintenance of rare and exotic cars, high end clientele know only one for the job: Superior Exotics Team.

Known for their commitment to delivering high-end premium service for an array of luxury and exotic cars of all kinds, Superior Exotics Team has quickly made a name for themselves across south Florida over the years as they have garnered a growing database of clients that includes high profile figures, celebrities and athletes. But what sets Super Exotics Team apart from its competition is the team’s attention to detail and their unique skill set in catering to the most exotic and rare cars in the world. Whether clients are in for routine maintenance, preventative care, or perhaps a bigger job like transmission repair or engine services, Superior Exotics Team delivers the highest level of service to be found on the southeastern coast of Florida. Founded by Yasser Salman three years ago, Superior Exotics Team has grown exponentially, thanks to a loyal clientele.

But unlike any other kind of service team or repair shop in the area, Salman’s Superior Exotics Team has additionally been known for lending out their high-end vehicles after partnering with Michael Citron to add an exclusive rental service component to the business. Available only to those who know about it, often because it’s been circulated only by word-of-mouth, the business holds a huge fleet of sought-after luxury vehicles from the

While Miami has certainly become a destination for the rich and famous to vacation and visit, Superior Exotics Team has now not only become known for its superior repair services, but their rental service and exclusive availability. As many tourists often look for a fun drive to rent for a weekend in the greater Miami area, up until now, some of the only options for renting ultra-luxury vehicles include the carsharing company, Turo. But with Superior Exotics Team, clientele get concierge service, with white glove, to-your-door delivery at the snap of a finger. It has also been noted that Salman and Citron have recently been exploring additional rental options, with plans to expand by including luxury yachts and vessels as well as even private aircrafts to their rental capabilities for their distinguished clientele.

So the next time you’re in the market for a good repair shop for your super-luxury vehicle, it might be worth it to check out Salman and Citron’s team at Superior Exotics. Afterall, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to know the best in the business for service and repairs and if you’re lucky, you just might get the chance to rent one of their ultra-exotic vehicles. To learn more about Superior Exotics Team, visit theirwebsite and Instagram.

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