Home Cooks, Rejoice! The Sequel to Restaurateur Elizabeth Blau’s ‘Honey Salt’ Cookbook is On Its Way


While the 21st century’s mainstream adoption of the internet has made professionally-honed recipes as easy to access as the click of a button, sales from culinary aspirants and home chefs across the world resoundingly show that print cookbooks are here to stay, standing in resilient contrast to the decline in popularity of other genres. As such, acclaimed restaurateur and CEO of Blau + Associates Elizabeth Blau’s Honey Salt: A Culinary Scrapbook made a major splash upon its 2018 debut, garnering Food & Beverage Magazine’s Best Cookbook of the Year award and inspiring food lovers across the map with Blau’s innovative and globetrotting take on cuisine. Now, Blau is taking her talents to the pen once more, with a highly anticipated sequel to her beloved cookbook, Honey Salt: Holidays, set for public debut in 2022.

An ode to her popular Las Vegas hotspot Honey Salt, Blau’s inaugural cookbook surprised audiences with its innovative approach to exploring recipes and documenting Blau’s travels across the world with her husband, chef Kim Canteenwalla. In each distinct region, Blau and Canteenwalla dive deep into the very best of its native ingredients, from casually perusing local farmers markets all the way to the duo hand-picking fresh fruits from cranberry bogs. Interweaving snapshots, family stories and travel journals throughout, Blau’s Honey Salt: A Culinary Scrapbook provides an intimate look at Blau’s creative process, bringing readers along on her internationally-spanning culinary journey.

In the same vein as her first volume, upcoming sequel Honey Salt: Holidays will see Blau travel across the world once more to provide an intriguing and celebratory twist to festive classics. Featuring a whole new crop of remote locations, Blau’s latest edition begs the question: what do our favorite traditional holiday meals look like in unconventional places across the world? From Christmas in Maui to New Year’s Eve in London, Blau’s innovative spin is both thought-provoking and inherently comforting at the same time, encouraging readers to step outside the box and try something new at their next family-filled occasion.

Still, Blau doesn’t completely abandon the tried-and-true staples of the holiday season delving into American Thanksgiving three ways, including a glitzy Las Vegas variation, a more conventional New England take, and a southern-inspired Nashville edition. In Honey Salt: Holidays, Blau likewise tackles modern events like Super Bowl Sunday and Mardi Gras, providing a high-end version of American favorites easily replicable at home.

With more than three years of passion and work infused into the lovingly curated cookbook, Blau’s Honey Salt: Holidays is set to make a major splash in the culinary world akin to its predecessor, carving out a special place on the bookshelves of home cooks everywhere to help elevate their festive fun forever.