Bernadette Schaeffler Brings European Luxury Tradition to the US


At the time of pervasive mass production and ubiquitous fast fashion, finding a genuine, high-quality product is not an easy task. Navigating through the myriad of online stores in the search for a worthy home decor item or a gift idea is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, if you don’t want to settle for a run-of-the-mill product which is a dime a dozen, but want something unique, crafted with care and love, you will find it all at Bernadette Schaeffler’s online store.

Bernadette Schaeffler’s natural connection with luxury one-of-a-kind products goes way back. Of German origin and with a European business background, she decided to turn her love for high-end goods into a business. As a result, in 2011, Bernadette Schaeffler Collection LLC was founded as a family-owned luxury brand. The idea was to combine class, elegance, and style in one go-to place, mix up a cocktail of styles and designs to turn any room into a masterpiece. With the hand-picked super high-end luxury items, Bernadette Schaeffler has risen to the status of creme de la creme of home decor as her product lineup reflects Europe’s century-old manufacturing traditions.

Bernadette’s approach to selecting, or more appropriately, hand-picking her product makes her store’s lineup unique, appealing to a very select clientele, and desirable. “I personally select one-of-a-kind items from master craftsmen around the world,” explains Bernadette. As a result of her worldwide expeditions in the quest for the chosen goods, the blend of the old-world classics and modern simplicity was born and has captured the hearts of many shoppers. 

Bernadette Schaeffler has made a name for itself as the luxury home goods brand through its classy online store rather than brick-and-mortar though she used to have a retail store in Dallas’s design district for five years. Once you start navigating their website, you get the impression of being teleported to small artisanal workshops, studios, or bottegas on narrow cobblestone streets and alleys of European towns on an exclusive virtual shopping tour at the time of somewhat constrained overseas travel. Bernadette Schaeffler’s collections include one-of-a-kind home decor goods, home wear, clothing, original gift ideas, fashion jewelry, and coming soon—handbags. For example, you will find a Nespresso machine, handcrafted in Italy, dressed in the finest printed calfskin golf leather with a diamond quilt pattern among other no less authentic and eye-catching products. A shearling pillow cover, warm, cozy, and sleek to the touch, is another specimen of an everyday staple that, thanks to Bernadette’s taste and sourcing genius, tempts you to get it as a must-have supplement for your couch. All goods are made from premium and exotic leather, handmade and hand-painted porcelain comes from Germany, rare walnut wood, and crystal—from the Czech Republic.

In addition to the astounding collection of home decor items and gift ideas, Bernadette offers a signature fashion jewelry line hand-made by European artisans. The crown jewel of its signature collection— the Gold Hoop Chain Necklace—will turn heads without, however, breaking the bank. It is a classical, timeless piece with a natural diamond look yet crafted from the highest grade sustainable cubic zirconia. Those are just a few pieces that caught our attention though we could go for hours on end telling about other Bernadette Schaeffler products.

With the brand’s nearing its 10th anniversary this month, we are sure that American customers are blessed to have Bernadette as the keeper of European artisanal traditions, timeless style, and immaculate craftsmanship. To learn more about Bernadette Schaeffler, visit her website and Instagram.

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