Ciro’s Costume Jewelry Helps Women Keep Pace with Rapid Fashion Change and Stay On-Trend


Modern life’s rapid pace has brought about fast food, fast-track service, many other “fast” things, and fast fashion among them. Today, the so-called costume jewelry, a.k.a fashion jewelry, is an essential feature of a woman’s wardrobe and helps stay in step with the rapidly changing tastes and look one’s best. Among other things, it is part of the fast-fashion landscape, too.

The humans’ need for self-adornment has deep—pre-historic—roots going as far back as the Stone Edge. Those Flintstones were serious about jewelry, too: even Barney had to buy an engagement ring from Buddy-Buddy jewelers. He had no choice, though, since jewelers were few and far between in those ancient times. Nowadays, there is a myriad of suppliers offering a staggering variety of adornments in all price ranges. Fashion jewelry, however, is where the desire to look one’s best meets the affordable means to implement it.

Ciro Jewelry, founded in 1917, when the art deco style won over Europe and America, was one of the early adopters of the idea of jewelry’s accessibility. Having started with selling faux pearl ornaments in its London and Los Angeles stores in the 1920s, Ciro broadened its product lineup by the 1970-80s to include synthetic stones—cubic zirconia, corundum, moissanite, and other stones—that presented a convincing version of real gemstones’ look and glamor. Those stones, so indistinguishable from natural diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds—became available to millions of women thanks to affordable prices. Ciro Jewelry was part and parcel of that consumer revolution that made previously unreachable luxury attainable for many and within any woman’s grasp. The transition was akin to cinema turning the elitist theatrical performance art into everybody’s favorite pastime. Fashion jewelry started to perform the function of completing a woman’s outfit, no longer serving as a status symbol.

Never sacrificing style and design to the price, Ciro Jewelry has always been the keeper of the best fine jewelry traditions such as exquisite design, meticulous craftsmanship, and attention to every minute detail that distinguishes creme de la creme of the fine jewelry world. No wonder Ciro’s best pieces are comparable in style to Chopard, Chanel, and Escada.

Those features are best manifested in Ciro’s Black Tie collection, the epitome of the company’s design. As the name suggests, the Black Tie collection is for those special events and social occasions where a woman needs to look her best and stand out from the crowd. The Black Tie will guarantee that. Studded with large CIROLIT–the proprietary name for stones Ciro uses– the shape and look of sapphire, emerald, and ruby, Black Tie earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces exude elegance and sophistication, all at a fraction of a comparable fine jewelry piece. Among the collection’s most striking pieces are the stunning Odessa cocktail ring made of white gold-plated silver, set with a gorgeous square 14x12mm nano emerald. The ring perfectly pairs with Odessa chandelier earrings that sport matching nano emeralds. These are just two examples from the dozens of other remarkable pieces of jewelry. To learn more about Ciro’s Black Tie and other eye-catching collections, visit their easy-to-navigate multi-lingual website.