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Solidifying himself in the industry, DJ Bander recently got a billboard placed in the center of Times Square to promote his recent Top 100 iTunes charting single, “Fast”. Ever since 2010, his company, Bander Productions, has been on a solid growth trajectory after establishing itself with digital Sony distribution via The Orchard.

Bander Productions is a powerhouse label that went from being a top 100 charting music destination to a full-fledged digital marketing firm with clients running from up-and-coming independent artists to organizations and successful entrepreneurs.

As a native New Yorker, Bander strongly values honesty and directness, which has allowed him to build a strong team that makes steadfast decisions and wants to reach new levels of success together. With a powerful celebrity advisory board, including world famous reality TV star and Funny or Die producer George Khouri, Bander has more than doubled his fan base and company’s valuation in only 14 months.

Bander stands alone in his ability not only to compose and produce, but to rap, sing, engineer, arrange vocals, and market music. With his background in finance, he has a unique advantage to be a corporate leader as well as a successful creative director.

The Times Square billboard is evidence that Bander is making a mark in the industry, and he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Looking into the future, Bander hopes to grow Bander Productions beyond a ten million dollar valuation, and wants to become one of the leading music marketing firms in the US. Additionally, he plans to continue working with celebrity artists to build his name even further in the industry.

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