Sami Belbase and Suman Desai Make The Private Jet Experience More Accessible With FlyBLACK


If you’ve ever spotted a private jet in flight or on the tarmac, you’ve probably wondered which celebrity it belonged to, when in fact many jets are chartered, and no longer  privately owned by a billionaire or celebrity. With FlyBLACK Jets, private planes are more accessible and cost a fraction of what other competitors are offering.  FlyBLACK jets is spearheaded by Sami Belbase, the CEO, and Suman Desai, the President. Their goal is to make the private jet experience more economically friendly. In the past, flying private meant you had to have connections, wealth, and influence. Sami and Suman want to change that narrative and are launching their innovative app that makes ordering a jet as easy as ordering an Uber. The company launched in 2019, and they have always been forward thinking in their product launches, by analyzing consumer behavior and adapting to changing economic conditions such as COVID-19.

Additionally, Sami and Suman believe that flying private is necessary for jet-setters, or the type of traveler who is always on the go. With uncertain times especially, frequent flyers require flexibility in their plans. Private jets have the ability to land at many more airports than commercial aircrafts can and to change flight plans very quickly. Moreover, private jets have the option of waiting it out or choosing an alternate airport. For instance, travelers who fly between LAX-SFO are commonly caught in delays due to turbulent weather in the Bay Area By using FlyBLACK, someone could re-route quickly, and charter a flight plan to Oakland, which isn’t much further to the SFO airport that has minimal delays. Sami and Suman and their team are well-acquainted to address such high priority and time sensitive changes.

Sami and Suman think that the best part of flying private is that you can forget about security lines, taking off your shoes and emptying your pockets. You won’t find metal detectors or body scanners. At some private airports, you can actually pull your car up to the aircraft, unload and have valet service for your car, so you could be in the air within minutes.

Overall, the flexibility to fly in and out of smaller airports that are often closer to the departure point and the destination airport gives FlyBLACK jets a significant competitive advantage than flying out of commercial airports. For the modern traveler, this means the door-to-door speed is significantly faster when traveling privately. To learn more about FlyBLACK, visit their website.

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