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How Serdar Karaca Is Building World’s Largest Trading Academy: Mr. Volume Academy


For over 15 years, Serdar Karaca has been trading at the top of the stock exchange. Serdar is one of the top experts in the German area. His expertise and experience grant him a position as one of the most distinguished experts in volume trading. Serdar also runs one of the largest trading YouTube channels, where he shares his trading secrets and results. This is one of the many reasons that make him the number one trading expert in German-speaking areas and globally.

Serdar is also the founder of Mr. Volume Academy, a leading institution that offers training to new traders who seek to establish careers in the industry. He founded the academy with the desire to pass down his knowledge to the new generation of traders and help them become successful day traders.

Throughout the years, Serdar has built on his experience, developing his own trading strategies. This includes marshaling and combining some market technologies and volume trading to develop practical trading strategies. This is evident in his massive success in the stock markets throughout his years in the industry.

Establishing Mr. Volume Academy was out of Serdar’s selfless desire to help others succeed in trading by sharing his secrets. Mr. Volume Academy has been of significant help to thousands of traders who have benefitted from Serdar’s teachings. All the content and strategies taught at Mr. Volume Academy have been tried and tested in practice, guaranteeing that you will benefit.

A well-established institution, Mr. Volume Academy offers a six-month full volume trading course. It’s a complete training package that is custom-made from Serdar’s experience and industry know-how. Serdar takes his time to constantly update the program to keep up with the fast-changing market. He has also made the six-month training unique in German-speaking countries, including an English version for the rest of the students.

In addition, each student receives software specially developed for training at Mr. Volume Academy, with which they can document and evaluate their trades. With this trade management system, which is unique in the world, the coach can see at any time what still needs to be improved. Serdar also uses the in-house app to post his trades every day and explain what he has done.

Serdar assures you of a complete transformation leveraging the knowledge and tools provided by Mr. Volume Academy. He has so far reached and helped thousands globally become successful and profitable traders.

He also mentors and advises his students on how best to handle and manage their expectations when trading. Serdar holds that trading can be technical and sometimes end in unforeseen losses. He often calls for patience and perseverance with a positive mindset to grow to the top. His motto is: “It goes on and on; you just have to get up and continue with each case.” The good thing is that Mr. Volume Academy is here to help you manage and eliminate such risks to build your way to success.

Serdar is confident of growing himself and Mr. Volume Academy to become the world’s largest and best training academy with representation in each country. To Serdar, quality will always supersede quantity, and it’s essential you know your worth.

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