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Joe Heyes’ Secret to Success: Close The Gap By Being The Hardest Worker In The Room


“There will always be people more talented than you, that is something out of our control. What is in our control is our work ethic and hard work beats talent every time and is what closes the gap that differentiates success from mediocrity.” – Joe says.

Joe Heyes is a millionaire entrepreneur currently based in Manchester, England, and founder of a £1.4M Amazon Store, a 6 figure DTC Luxury Home Fragrance Brand and Revolutionary Online Mentorship Platform ‘TheEcomClub.’ Joe and his brand were featured multiple times in popular magazines like GQ magazine. Aside from his successful business career, Joe also has over 150,000 followers on Instagram, 1.4 million likes on TikTok, and a growing fanbase on Facebook.

Joe’s childhood was undesirable, to say the least, as he grew up in a middle-class working family. His parents worked nine to five jobs earning barely enough to pay the bills and provide him and his siblings with necessities. Joe’s family dealt with financial problems most of the time, which caused a strain in his parent’s marriage. Apart from poverty, Joe had to deal with physical and mental abuse from his father.

Because of these financial struggles, Joe developed a mind for business early on in his life, which he carried until he became an adult. At age nine, he washed other people’s cars using his mother’s sponge and just pure self-confidence in offering his services to others. When he was ten, Joe learned to sell stuff on Facebook, selling anything he thought had monetary value around his house.

One of the biggest challenges in Joe’s life happened when he was 17 years old. He was made homeless after a disagreement with his mother, that lead to months couch surfing from friend to friend’s house. This humiliating experience, however, taught him a valuable lesson that he still cherishes to this day. He learned a simple three step process that he believes is the structure to achieving anything you want in life: Execution, Persistence and Success.

Months of struggle went by until Joe moved back home and began to get back to his feet. In this time Joe had realised he was not financially stable and that his entire being relied on a single decision of someone else and that had to change.

Joe’s entrepreneurial side was reignited after coming across a random post on Facebook just weeks later. The post showed someone selling iPhones with damaged screens for a much lower price to what they sold for refurbished. Joe recognised this as a potential income idea, and he immediately thought of giving it a try. He taught himself how to dismantle broken iPhones and rebuild them to sell them back online for a large profit.

In his first week of advertising to buy broken iPhones for cash Joe had hundreds of messages from people that wanted to sell to him. Joe was driving up and down the country buying, selling and delivering stock 7 days a week. In just 3 months generating £30,000 in profit. Whilst investing his profits from flipping iPhones into his recently learnt skill, investing in the foreign exchange market, which helped him achieve a multiple 6 figure portfolio in just 2 years.

Along the way, Joe became obsessed with learning other meaningful skills like content creation, social media marketing, branding and paid and organic advertising to help him excel in his successful ecommerce ventures.

Currently, the 21-year-old has built an impressive £1.4M global Amazon ecommerce business, a Successful Luxury Home Fragrance DTC ecommerce brand & an Industry leading Online Mentorship Platform helping thousands of people achieve success selling on Amazon.

Joe knows what it feels like to struggle with finances, so he used his success to help others get out of this difficulty. He provides online mentorship, expert guidance and support to thousands of his students to help them Build, Launch & Scale their very own Amazon business. Joe believes that hard work will always pay off, so he encourages all aspiring entrepreneurs to be determined never to make failure an option.

Joe has grown from being in a low-income family to becoming homeless, and now, to living in his dream penthouse apartment in the city and driving his dream car. He plans to continue travelling the world one country at a time whilst scaling his multiple ventures. Joe has ambitions of impacting 1 billion people with his Social Media Content and personally mentoring 1 million people throughout his career to help them achieve financial freedom in the ecommerce space.

“The pace in which you move forward is not relevant. Forward is forward but you cannot get there without executing. Most people never achieve what they want in life because most people never even start.” – Joe Heyes

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