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Instant Knockout Reviews 2022 | Is it Still the Best Fat Burner?


This is a very interesting and important question on the weight loss process. Could natural fat burners help with weight loss and stubborn fat burning?

Today’s article presents a discussion and a review on the OTC (legal, non-prescription) Instant Knockout Fat Burner, produced by the well-known and reliable “Roar Ambition Limited”, being what we nowadays call a “Cutting Supplement”.

Instant Knockout, a product of an advanced formula (currently with a new and more upgraded formula and name – Instant Knockout Cut), not only aiming at fat and weight loss, but also “serving” many more health, sports, spiritual and learning, even psychological purposes.

Instant Knockout is a modern weight loss pill – with a very strong natural ingredient formula – aiming at active young people “demanding” the best result for them and a high performance by their own organism. Nothing less than perfect.

It is no coincidence that this weight loss product is aimed mainly at athletes, but also at people (men and women) in general who give a hard time to their body.

Long hours of training, exhaustive work schedule, endless commitments daily, quality-playing time with children, healthy sex life with your spouse or partner.

All of these require huge amounts of energy which – especially during a cutting (i.e. cutting / weight loss) period – are extremely difficult to find in order to remain “efficient” in your daily routine.

Instant Knockout Cut is the new and enhanced version of your old favorite Instant Knockout supplement.

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Prior to starting to talk in more detail about the product, it is important to pay attention to some very important elements.

To talk about a “good” OTC weight loss / fat loss pill we must first have secured three very basic parameters:

  • EXCELLENT QUALITY OF RAW MATERIALS (100% natural / non-chemical origin)
  • EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS FORMULA (correct dosages of ingredients and tested combination for optimal action)
  • SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT (in order to avoid side effects and dangerous reactions of the organism)

With Instant Knockout Cut, we have secured these three basic search parameters of a quality & reliable dietary supplement, now being able to examine more thoroughly what “can” and «cannot” for you.

Here are the basics first.

Instant Knockout Fat Burner – What it is and to whom is it addressed?

Roar Ambition Limited Instant Knockout is an “Over The Counter” (OTC), legal and controlled fat burner, requires noprescription and it is completely safe for use by all (adult men and women).

Ok, fine up to this point, but to which “category” it belongs and to whom it is addressed?

As already mentioned – and as the name implies – this is a Cutting product, including a series of selected excellent quality natural ingredients, aiming at minimizing not only the body fat but also enhancing the user’s energy, physical endurance and physical / mental performance.

This means that Instant Knockout is a supplement “exploiting” the body fat to “gain” valuable energy for the user.

Fat – as a “fuel” – is converted into energy pushing the user’s body and mind to better performance.

  • No feeling of fatigue.
  • No feeling of exhaustion (mental, physical or mental).
  • No feeling of dysfunction.

You do not have to be an athlete to use the Instant Knockout Cut supplement.

However, a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and careful diet, form the ideal way to approach a healthy weight loss with permanent results.

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Back to the supplement and the target group to which it is addressed.

A large part of the fanatical fans of Instant Knockout (users buying the supplement repeatedly), are professionals in the field of sports, but also people who are engaged in some kind of training /sport as an amateur.

The reason is the enhanced action offered by the supplement’s formula of ingredients.

The Instant Knockout Cut – thanks to its large reserves of beneficial energy provided – is used as a pre-workout supplement, promoting and enhancing the athletic performance / physical endurance / muscle strength / anabolic action achieved by the user, so instead of feeling “loss of strength” due to the extensive fat loss taking place in his body, obtains a huge boost of energy.

Ingredients such as caffeine (in a very generous amount), vitamins, various herbs and nutrients contained in the new formula of Instant Knockout Cut, turn a simple weight loss supplement into a “bomb” of energy, health and physical strength.

Professional boxers, bodybuilders, MMA fighters, weightlifters, but also athletes (professionals or not, men or women, young or older) of various sports or just fitness enthusiasts, use this supplement to optimize their athletic performance while effectively reducing their adipose tissue.

Weight loss and stimulation together.

Each bottle – a strong punch against fat – contains 120 strong capsules, sufficient for intensive treatment for 1 month.

Ingredients and Action of Instant Knockout Fat Burner

Now the favorite Instant Knockout supplement has changed its name (Instant Knockout Cut) and its composition too.

More enhanced formula for improved athletic gains, make the well-known and very popular supplement even more effective, more powerful, even more aggressive against the fat.

A look at the original, new, and differentiated formula of Instant Knockout Cut so that everyone (old & new users) understands what to expect from it.

Recommended Daily Dosage (according to instructions for use by the manufacturer): 4 capsules / day

One package (bottle) provides doses for 1 month (30 days).


(old formula)



(old formula)



(new formula)



(new formula)


Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) 5 mg (250 % Daily Amount) Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) 5 mg (250 % Daily Amount)
Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin) 10 mcg (166 % Daily Amount) Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin) 10 mcg (166 % Daily Amount)
Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) 10 mg (150 % Daily Amount)       —      —
GTF Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate) 100 mcg (82 % Daily Amount)       —      —
Green Tea Extract (leaf) 500 mg Green Tea Extract (leaf) 500 mg
Green Coffee Extract (bean) 100 mg       —      —
Cayenne Powder Extract (fruit) 100 mg Cayenne Powder Extract (fruit) 100 mg
Glucomannan (Konjac Root) 500 mg Glucomannan (Konjac Root) 1.800 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 350 mg Caffeine Anhydrous 300 mg
Black pepper Extract (standardized to 95 % PE) 10 mg Black pepper Extract (standardized to 95 % PE) 10 mg
      —       — Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) (vegan) 45 mcg / 1.800 IU (225 % Daily Amount)
      —       — L-Theanine 100 mg

Old & New Ingredient Formula: Key Differences

No.1: Caffeine Anhydrous

The new formula of the supplement contains a slightly smaller amount of anhydrous caffeine, aiming at maintaining the strong “kick” of energy and to reduce the “side effects” of the stimulating nature of caffeine (especially in people with sensitivity).

In each daily dose you now receive 300 mg of anhydrous caffeine (a concentrated form of caffeine), instead of the 350 mg contained in the original formula.

No.2: Glucomannan (Konjac Root)

Glucomannan – a valuable plant / dietary fiber found in abundance in the root of the Konjac plant – is undoubtedly a key active ingredient in the new and “fortified” formula of Instant Knockout Cut.

From 500 mg contained in the original Instant Knockout ingredient, now – in the Instant Knockout Cut – we find more than double the amount (and more specifically 1,800 mg) of active fiber for effectively fighting hunger and the feeling of “unsatisfied” after meals.

These precious fibers – which are the new “must” in weight loss – when in contact with water and gastric fluids, multiply their volume, thus offering the user a strong feeling of satiety, as if you had consumed twice or three times as much food.

This creates a feeling of satisfaction providing help in the most effective control of body weight in the long term.

In addition, fiber has the ability to offer a feeling of suppressed hunger for a longer time, preventing “quick” meals and effectively reducing total calories / day.

No.3: Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) (vegan)

Vitamin D3 is a completely new addition to the list of supplement’s ingredients at an amount of 45 mcg per daily dose (i.e. 1,800 IU) it covers 225% of the body’s daily needs.

However, why is this new addition so important?

Vitamin D3 is a very special and extremely important vitamin for the organism of every person, athlete or not / man or woman.

According to Mayo Clinic, Vitamin D3 helps significantly in improving the psychology and mood, as well as in the fight against depression. In addition, it protects bone health and prevents osteoporosis.

Finally, it contributes to the adequate production of phosphorus and calcium, a fact resulting from its breakdown.

We find it in foods such as fish and eggs (specifically in egg yolk), but also in dairy, juices and fortified cereals.

Nevertheless, as the amounts received through diet and sun exposure are not always sufficient, a dietary supplement can be extremely beneficial.

In Instant Knockout Cut, you will find a very significant amount of Vitamin D3 covering in full the daily needs of your organism.

No.4: GTF Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate)

While the original formula of the supplement contained 100 mcg of chromium, this ingredient is absent in the new version.

No.5: Zinc (as Zinc Oxide)

We observe exactly the same thing happening with Zinc (zinc) being removed in the new formula of Instant Knockout Cut.

No.6: Green Coffee Extract

Finally, we observe that Green Coffee extract (the extract of green coffee) does not exist in the new form of the dynamic supplement either.

No.7: L-Theanine

In the new version of the Instant Knockout Cut we find an additional ingredient, L-Theanine, a very important amino acid that – when taken in combination with caffeine – significantly reduces the feeling of nervousness and other possible side effects arising from its stimulating nature (check study here).

In this way, it achieves – among other things – better psychology, sleep and more effective fight against stress.

Remarks / Conclusions

Regarding the absence of Green Coffee Extract from the new formula, we believe that it makes sense to reduce the amount of caffeine in the supplement in general, in order to reduce side effects (such as sleep disorders, nervousness or headaches).

However, with regard to the removal of Zinc and GTF Chromium, we can simply assume that more weight was given to enhancing the supplement’s ability to suppress appetite (increasing the Glucomannan dose almost 4 times) and adding significant Vitamin D3 to achieve a better physical and psychological support for the user.

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Tips / Warnings

  • Do not exceed the RDA (Recommended Daily Dose) set by the company and indicated in the instructions for use of the package. This dose, finalized following a variety of clinical trials, is the right one to achieve your goals without endangering your organism and health.
  • Do not use the Instant Knockout fat burner if you are sensitive to caffeine and stimulants in general.
  • Avoid using the Instant Knockout Cut supplement in combination with stimulant pills or other stimulants (natural or artificial).
  • Consult a doctor before taking the supplement if you are taking any other medication.
  • Consult a doctor before taking the supplement if you suffer from any condition.
  • You can use Instant Knockout in combination with other sports enhancement supplements, however, its use is contraindicated with supplements that also contain caffeine or other stimulants.
  • Do not use the Instant Knockout Fat Burner if you are experiencing stomach or digestive disorders and gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Do not use the supplement unless you are an adult.
  • Women going through pregnancy, or breastfeeding, should never use the supplement.
  • Its use is forbidden by cancer patients, people undergoing chemotherapy, people who have undergone or are about to undergo surgery.
  • People with autoimmune diseases, epilepsy, neurological problems or mental illness recommend medical consent for the supplement’s administration.
  • The supplement must be taken with plenty of water. This – in addition to the safe use of the supplement and its optimal dissolution in the stomach – is aiming at maximizing the swelling of Glucomannan (Konjac Root) fiber. In this way, you achieve a greater feeling of satiety and suppression of appetite.

Instant Knockout Cut | The “ultimate” sports supplement

It has become clear that Instant Knockout Cut is not a simple weight loss supplement.

It is the ultimate supplement of energy and enhanced athletic performance.

A typical example of a fan of the pre-workout Instant Knockout is one of the most famous names in the world of MMA, Diego Sanchez.

The American-born MMA (Mixed Martial Artist) professional – a form of sport requiring enhanced physical strength, endurance and energy – is a big fan of the supplement.

In fact – and according to his own statements – the winner of the TUF Season 1 championship, managed to reduce his body weight from 88 to 66 kg (something required for the races).

In addition, it significantly increased his physical endurance and his performance, simply by using a large stock of excess fat that he had in his body as a “source of useful energy” for his workouts and competitions.

However, he is not the only one.

The same goes for MMA coach Greg Jackson.

A fanatical user himself, he states that he recommends the Instant Knockout Cut supplement to the athletes he is training (and we are talking about big names in the field, professionals with very high requirements).

Not only the high efficiency of the supplement is the reason why it is preferred by both professionals in the field of sports, but also its strong but 100% harmless composition.

Strong natural ingredients which:

  • are not detected in anti-doping controls
  • they do not cause side effects
  • they are not addictive
  • do not cause disturbances in the hormonal balance of the organism
  • they are not toxic
  • are not genetically modified

Above all, however, these are ingredients researched by scientists, undergone repeated clinical trials and have been approved for safe use (certainly when taken according to the RDD / Recommended Daily Dose on the package).

Physical Benefits of Using Instant Knockout Fat Burning Supplement

Health Benefits of using Instant Knockout Cut Fat Burner

  • prevention of type 2 diabetes
  • enhancement of good heart function
  • improving blood circulation
  • lowering of blood pressure
  • reduction of overeating episodes leading to weight gain and obesity
  • suppression of uncontrolled appetite
  • reduction of bad cholesterol levels in the blood
  • reduction of blood triglyceride levels
  • Fight against obesity
  • Sleep improvement in quality and duration
  • fighting stress
  • psychology and mood improvement
  • fights depression
  • qualitative and quantitative enhancement of sperm (fertility)
  • improving sexual activity / enhancing orgasm
  • reduction of physical pain
  • fight against various inflammations
  • improvement of respiratory function
  • boosting self-confidence and increasing sociability
  • less strain on the joints
  • prevention of various types of cancer
  • improvement body mobility
  • strengthening the organism’s immunity
  • improving the cognitive function of the brain
  • improving dental and oral health
  • avoiding sleep apnea
  • fight against incontinence (especially in obese women)
  • strengthening of bone density and fight of osteoporosis
  • improved skin quality & enhanced anti-aging
  • improved vision

Athletic Gains from using the Instant Knockout Cut Fat Loss Supplement

  • enhanced resistance
  • improved physical (muscular) strength
  • faster recovery
  • super energy boost
  • Improved concentration
  • stimulated sense of competitiveness
  • explosiveness
  • enhanced metabolic function (24 hours a day)

How Long Does It Take To See Results In My Body with Instant Knockout ?

No clear answer on this question, as:

  • Losing weight (as well as gaining weight) is a “personal” affair
  • Each body responds differently to food and kilos.

It is quite the same, as you see people eating too much and not gaining weight easily, so you will see people with the exact opposite problem, eating little but their weight not only is decreasing but it is increasing all the time.

Likewise, when it comes to weight loss, others lose weight more easily, while others require more effort and more time.

However, to answer the above question, let me state that it generally takes time and consistency to have the desired results.

The changes in your body will not be done overnight.

If you are looking for something like this, then this supplement is definitely not the right choice for you.

The non-chemical / all-natural OTC weight and fat loss supplement Instant Knockout advocates a healthy and mainly permanent way to fight excess body weight resulting from the accumulation of adipose tissue in various body parts.

Its 100% natural high quality ingredients are completely safe and promote a healthy strengthening of the user’s organism, as well as a completely safe way to suppress the appetite leading to gradual loss of body fat and change in diet and lifestyle.

On average – according to testimonials of the supplement’s users – systematic (daily) use is required according to the instructions of the company for a minimum of 2 months, in order to have significant physical gains.

In fact, many users – even after achieving the desired goal (desired kilos) – continue to use the supplement to maintain their body weight and not regain the lost kilos and points.

“Alpha-2 receptor” and its role in your body weight

In case you didn’t know, there is a substance (known as “Alpha-2 receptor”) “locking” the fat in your body and not allowing you (no matter how hard you try) to lose weight and fat.

Therefore, what is this receptor and how can you “beat” it?

This receptor (Alpha-2 Adrenergic Receptor) is located mainly in the CNS (Central Nervous System) and commands the body’s cells to store fat continuously.

Therefore, to “convince” your body to lose weight and to stop storing fat in its fat stores, you need to stimulate the “Beta-2 Adrenergic Receptor“, which in contrast to Alpha-2 gives instructions for immediate release of fat cells and their use for energy production.

However, Alpha-2 receptors are involved in a variety of normal biochemical functions of the body and this is the main reason for their existence.

However, what is possible with the retention of fat in the body?

The Instant Knockout Cut supplement – with a pretty nice dose of 500 mg Green Tea Extract – manages to “pause” the function of the Alpha-2 receptor and stop the command to retain fat in the body.

In this way, it releases fat cells and offers them to replenish the body’s energy needs.

Especially in combination with regular physical exercise, the Instant Knockout Cut supplement can do wonders for your body!

Why Should I Avoid Exhaustive Diets?

Exhaustive or “hunger diets” as commonly called, can only hurt you. Even if you exercise regularly and in vigorous training programs, an exhausting diet with deprivation can lead to undesirable results.

This means that according to experts – doctors, dietitians & nutritionists, wellness experts and coaches – combining an extreme low-calorie diet with exercise can lead to a serious slowdown in your metabolic rate, increasing fat deposition in your body and reducing the burns taking place.

When you force your body in a state of permanent “hunger», you force it in extreme ways to safeguard its functionality.

So trying to adapt to its essential functions with less “fuel”, reduces the rate of metabolism to use less fuel.

In any case, this – in addition to less energy – also implies increased fat deposition in the body, and even more, while you would think that by drastically reducing the food you eat you would have less fat retention; in fact the opposite is true.

Do you know why this happens?

Out of “fear” that your body will be hungry in the future, even this little food that you offer it, it is forced to “store” it in its fat stores in order to recall it in a period of emergency (i.e. terribly great hunger / hunger).

This means, by forcing your body into an unnatural fast / hunger can only do harm to your health and figure.

The Instant Knockout Cut supplement – as a healthy and certified fat burner – promotes a healthy weight loss, which may take a little longer, but gives safe and lasting benefits.

In addition, with its specially adapted formula of ingredients, it enhances the metabolic function of the organism and in fact not only during training hours, but also for 24 hours a day.

Therefore, your body – not only does not lead to new body fat deposition – but also makes massive burns of already stored fat to replenish the energy it needs (as the person follows a program of reduced – but sufficient – calories and intense physical exercise).

Note: According to dietitians and health experts, a normal rate of weight loss (which will be safe for the normal functioning of your organism), does not exceed ½ to 1 kg per week. Surely, this (in a small context) varies from person to person.

“Slow” weight loss is much more likely to lead to permanent results.

For the most part, people who managed to lose weight too quickly, in a very short time had this weight (if not even more) regained.

Key Elements for the Company of Instant Knockout

  • all-natural ingredients
  • GMP certification
  • FDA certification
  • USA & UK certified facilities

Contact Information for the Company


Instant Knockout – Where to Buy it? – Conclusion

The Instant Knockout Cut supplement is a safe way to lose a large number of kilos in a safe way, mainly by protecting your lean muscle mass from “collateral losses”.

The genuine and enhanced Instant Knockout Cut supplement by Roar Ambition Limited can only be purchased from its official website. (No Amazon, GNC etc)

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