Jonathan Chesner’s Amuzeinc. Is Disrupting The Fashion Industry In An Intuitive Way


Why are luxury brands continuing to evolve but failing to disrupt? Because there is a powerful and difficult tension between tradition, heritage, and innovation. Louis Vuitton or Coco Chanel, when they began, had no heritage to honor nor traditions to uphold, but their successors do. Indeed, traditional methods of craftsmanship and heritage design elements are now critical to luxury brand’s DNA. In this situation, it is difficult to imagine a truly revolutionary innovation that would not potentially damage brand equity. Brands are understandably struggling with this, but one company Amuzeinc is making it easier to find and discover luxury designer fashion.

When it comes to describing Amuze, forget everything you think you know about luxury online retail. “I would not put us in any other category,” says Chesner. “We are definitely paving our path in this industry.” To give some context, Amuze is a digital purveyor of luxury clothing, accessories and goods. You can think of any top luxury fashion house name and Chesner’s team will probably have that item in their inventory. Chesner’s product comes direct from Italy and ship very quickly after the purchase has been made. As the AMUZE client base continues to rapidly grow, Chesner is in the process of enhancing the customer service experience. Now based in Italy where he resides with his family, Chesner is quickly becoming the market leader in the fashion community as the go-to for the newest trends at the best prices.

Chesner, who is based in Milan, has been operating Amuze completely from Instagram since 2019 on@amuzeinc. The shift to the social media landscape was not intentional, but as Chesner puts it, it was certainly a blessing in disguise. “When I shifted to Instagram, everyone thought I was crazy, but I saw that there was an interest and I just stuck to it,” he adds.To learn more about AMUZE, follow them on @AMUZEInc on Instagram.

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