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Best Essay Writing Service [2022] Top Services and Writers


A student’s life is filled with many activities that sometimes affect their productivity in academic work. If you find yourself lacking time or being overwhelmed by too many issues in college, remember the best essay writing service will give you professional help.

They help with writing any type of academic paper and give other types of academic services such as homework, editing, proofreading, and PowerPoint presentations. You may get challenged when choosing the best writing services because the internet is full of companies that help students with writing assignments.

The best essay service offers a wide variety of services, it has highly qualified writers and gives the most competitive prices. For a company to qualify as a good writing service, it must offer services 24/7 and respond to customer queries promptly. The papers they submit should consistently be of high quality.

To help you know if the service meets these standards, one of the best options is to check its online reviews. If most of the reviews are positive, choose the service as one of your best options. Compare between three to five companies to make the most informed choice. We have considered these and more qualities and reviewed the top five services for you. – Rating 9.8/10

Our top service in our reviews is Pro Essay Writing. It has the highest rating of 9.8/10 from a large number of reviews. Some of its most understanding qualities are experienced English native writers with masters and Ph.D. Due to its commitment to consistent work, the company has been featured in the British Council, Study in the USA, College Week Live, and Stanford.


  • High quality and affordable papers
  • A committed customer service team
  • Experienced writers with masters and PhD
  • Top-notch online security
  • Guaranteed confidentiality

There are more advantages you get by ordering your papers through this online service. When you place your first order, you get a 20 percent discount. They have a transparent pricing policy and strict compliance to deadlines.

Due to many years of service, the writers have built excellent paper writing skills and will write any type of paper on any subject. The company gives you a right to confirm if the person writing your paper has the right experience. They handle any challenging assignment professionally whether it is your dissertation, coursework, research paper, essay, laboratory report, etc.

It is easy to order a paper through this service because you only need to have an account. Give your paper details, place your order, make payment, and wait to receive your quality paper within your timeline. The minimum charge for a paper is $19.99. – Rating 9.5/10

Our next best essay writing service is College Paper with a rating of 9.5/10. We identified some of its unique qualities such as its hiring process. No writer joins its team without taking several tests to evaluate their skills in their area of writing. All writers have either a university or college degree.

No paper is submitted to a student before being checked for quality by the quality check team. It’s checked for proper grammar flow and plagiarism. This ensures the company submits high-quality original papers to students.


  • Students order any type of paper or subject
  • Wide range of attractive discounts
  • A safe payment process and wide payment options
  • Guaranteed 24/7 customer support
  • Highly educated writers with undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D.

Students love to use this service because they get free revisions and amendments if the need arises. The company takes full responsibility for its customer privacy. They ensure all customer data is safe and cannot be shared with anyone.

You are guaranteed to get your paper within the time you give. The company delivers over 100 original papers daily and has some of the most competitive prices. The minimum price for a paper is $19.99 and you can get a paper written within three hours. – Rating 9.2/10

The third place of the best essay writing service is taken by Write My Essay for Me with a rating of 9.2/10. Its slogan is the best place to ask to write my essay. We can attest to this because its essay writers offer essay help on any topic. In most reviews, students said they received quality service and their papers earned them high grades.

If a student uses the discount code writemyessay20 when placing the first order, they get a 20% discount. The company gives priority to privacy and has a secure payment system. Due to good academic ground, the writers create papers from a scratch and strictly follow the guidelines given by the student. Many of them have masters and Ph.D.


  • They have a large pool of experienced academic writers
  • Write papers in every academic field and level
  • Have highly affordable prices
  • Have a loyalty program and attractive discounts
  • They have strict guarantees


  • Some of their writers are not native English speakers

The company has one of the lowest minimum charges in the market at $12 per page for standard quality. Students can also order papers for premium and platinum quality and pay the lowest prices in the market. – Rating 8.9/10 takes fourth place with a rating of 8.9/10. The writing service provider has a large pool of over 300 writers with good academic qualifications. They have bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D.

The company’s team of writers believe that quality help must be available all the time and as a result, their service team serves around the clock. When you place your first order, you get a 15% discount but you must use the code AWRITER15. Minimum charges start from $21.99 to order a high-quality paper.


  • They have a team of highly skilled and educated writers
  • Their charges are flexible
  • A team of over 300 writers
  • They write grade A papers


  • First order discount is only applicable to orders less than 50 pages
  • Compared to other services, their minimum price is a little high

Paper charges are done according to delivery time, the number of pages, paper complexity, and service quality. Service qualities available are standard, premium, and platinum. Their acceptable modes of payment are Visa, Maestro, and Mastercard. Students can also use bank transfer, discover, or American Express.

Some of the guarantees a student gets when they order their papers are plagiarism-free paper, constant communication, widely researched content, and compliance with customer instructions. – Rating 8.5/10

The last position was taken by College Essay Writer with a score of 8.5/10. It has more than 67 experienced professional writers and has satisfactorily served more than 4,300 students. The large number of papers its writers have delivered to date is proven by the quality of service they provide.

Customers who order papers through this service get a range of guarantees. They are committed to delivering the finest papers on time and if a customer feels dissatisfied with the paper quality, they are guaranteed a 100% refund.

Another guarantee is privacy and security where student information is never shared with a third party. The content submitted to customers is never published or shared. We noted the company’s customer support team is available 24/7 and customers are served by real people and not robots.


  • A broad range of different academic services
  • Affordable, flexible prices and orders can be paid in different currencies
  • High-quality papers for best grades
  • Delivers papers in over 50 disciplines


  • The company doesn’t have many writers
  • Detailed writer qualifications not given

To help it deliver quality papers, the company is built on four strong principles namely reliability, responsibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

Is it safe to buy essays online?

The reason why most students feel uncertain when ordering papers online from essay writing services is because they don’t take time to do essay writing service review. As a result, they order their papers from unverified writing companies and panic when they start experiencing challenges along the process.

It is 100 percent safe to buy essays online if you buy them from essay writing companies that are trustworthy. Your security should be in terms of data security and payments methods. Before you order any paper from online writers, first confirm through reviews such as this one to be sure the company you want to hire writers from is secure.

If it is secure, it means it cannot share your information from third parties or disclose your name on their website as one of the customers who ordered a paper online. Unless you have an essay service review and have no problem posting it on public reviews, genuine writing companies do not share customer information with anyone.

They treat it as a secret between you and the writer who is writing your paper and once you receive it, that information cannot be leaked out. Anytime you want to order a paper online, be sure you are safe but first verify the company and be sure it has a high rating from a high number of reviews.

You may also get positive information from students who have used the service before within your college or visit genuine service reviewing websites and you will be sure to get genuine reviews from genuine customers there.

Is essay writing services legal?

Some of the reasons why a student would search for a top essay writing service is because they want to get quality papers with and high grades. In essence, essay writers are ghostwriters but they use the term essay writing services to make it easy for students to find them during the search.

Usually, they don’t know the students they are serving in person and they only meet online as students seek help from them. A student places their orders online, gets their quality papers and after that, they might never communicate again unless the student orders another paper.

The companies are 100 percent legal and operate within the rules and guidelines prescribed by experts in the writing field globally. You should order your papers confidently without fear that you are doing an illegal thing or you might be comprehended because of your involvement in illegal activity.

Essay writing companies have been in existence for many years and they are recognized as one of the sectors that significantly contribute to economic growth at the national and global level. Most of the current and past university professors used the services to help them get high-quality papers and grades.

If you do some research about renowned individuals in various sectors such as the government, retail, tourism, manufacturing, and health sectors, you will realize the individuals who benefited a lot from essay writing companies during their time in college.

The laws that govern essay services are professionalism, integrity, quality services, best prices, and timeliness. No law declares them as illegal and therefore the services they offer are guaranteed as legal. Feel free to order your papers any time and be certain that your actions are legal.

How to Find the best paper writing service

When you want to hire a paper writing service to help you write high-quality papers, don’t go for anything less but the top essay writing service. The kind of grades you get on your paper matters and will determine your overall performance before graduation. Good grades also determine the kind of work you get after graduation and how fast you get. You should never compromise the quality of your paper.

You have a choice to choose a writer from a list of hundreds of writers but the one you choose should write your paper beyond your expectation and deliver exactly what you ordered. This process might not be easy for but to help you make the best-informed choices, write a few questions on a paper and use them in your search.

Is the service quality good?

The first thing to come into your mind should be the quality you get. That is you should get what you paid for and get value for every coin you pay. There are several features to look for in a good paper. It must have a perfect structure and be attractive to the reader.

The structure has to do with topic choice, introduction, thesis statement, arguments in the body, an exciting conclusion, and correct citation. If the paper is quality, the result will be high grades because the teacher will be pleased to read it and award the best. The level of research also determines if a paper is a quality piece of content.

Are the writers qualified?

Unqualified writers can never write a top-grade paper. The best paper writing services only hire highly qualified writers because they understand the importance of good grades. They test them before hiring them to be sure they have the right qualifications. Some of the tests they might carry out are quality paper writing tests.

The writing company checks the writer credentials and they must have at least an undergraduate degree. Best writing companies hire writers with masters or Ph.D. degrees to give their customers services from both well-educated and experienced writers.

Is the company genuine?

Genuineness is measured in different ways and you should make sure to use all the strategies before you make an order with any of the writing companies. If a company is not genuine, its writers will take money from you but fail to deliver papers.

They will not mind about your security or have measures to ensure you get the best paper. A genuine service will have its communication lines open and not react negatively when criticized. They will refund money if the need arises and some will not receive payment until you first receive a quality paper.

What are the prices for essay writing?

Pricing of essay writing services by the best essay writer service varies due to various reasons. If you searched for the top services, you will notice they too vary in prices for their various services. Each service has a minimum charge for any type of paper and they charge for any other service based on the minimum.

Some good essay writing companies charge as low as $13 per page but most top service providers charge starting from $19 to about $25 on the minimum. To help you know the amount you will pay for your paper, go to the order now page and put the details of your paper.

You will be asked for details such as the total word count, number of pages, type of paper, and delivery time. All these points are combined for automatic calculation of prices and you get the charges on your screen. If you are comfortable with the charges, what remains is to give a go-ahead and deposit the money before work commences.

Because what one best essay writing website is different from what another one charges, you should first consider your budget and get a company whose charges are within your budget. If you have a three-page paper you want to order and only have $60, look for a service provider who will charge you within that budget.

You may want to compare several services in your preorder phase and pick the best that fits your budget. But you should be careful not to pick a company that will disappoint you. Many experts advise students cheap doesn’t mean quality.

You may go for the cheapest, but you get the poorest quality you can ever expect. Affordability means a service that you can comfortably pay for and get the best paper that will earn you good marks.

Why do students need essay writing help?

From the time a student join s college, they begin to look forward to a memorable graduation time. This is a time when they will be celebrating good performance, honor, and a start of a bright future. Without help from the best essay writing companies, this memorable time might never be a reality.

To make it a reality, students commit themselves to work harder and set aside time for study, socializing, exercise, class lessons, and assignments. During their time in college, a student goes through many challenges that often affect performance. Some begin to get involved in extracurricular activities and are left with less study time.

Some of them look for part-time work and they get challenged to balance between work and education. Most of these challenges are what pushed students to seek the best essays writing service.

They get focused papers: when teachers are marking and grading academic papers, they first look if the writer focused on the topic and then how they bring out their arguments.

They must argue within the limitations of the topic and within credible sources. The citations must focus on the correct style and the entire structure of the paper. This is an important factor that makes students look for essay writing help.

The need for specialized writers: some papers are complex and students feel they might not successfully write them. When they find themselves struggling, they look for a specialized writer to help them. These are writers with experience in diverse fields and topics and they are only available through genuine essay writing services.

When time cannot allow: Sometimes time becomes an issue and students find themselves in a tight place where they have to deliver quality papers against time. Because most writing services providers can comfortably deliver the most complex papers within 3 hours, many students would rather use the services than fail to deliver on time.

Looking for a guaranteed score: great scores are an important part of a student paper but sometimes it’s too difficult to create a paper that scores high. The best solution is to get help from essay writers with the best education and experience.

When students want to improve their writing skills: some of the features of a good writer are best research skills and wide reading. However, a student can improve writing skills by letting someone else write for them. They could be used to writing in a specific style but when they outsource, they get to learn to write in a different style which is good for their skills.

Are all customers’ reviews real?

Every time you start the important best essay writing service reviews journey, your greatest expectation is to get positive reviews fast and settle on your chosen company. However, the moment you begin your search, you end up getting so many types of reviews that can be confusing sometimes. You might have asked yourself this question often whether every review you read is real.

The reality about reviews is that not every review is real and not every one of them is fake. Don’t get further confused because we will help you know the right steps to follow during the review process. When you go online to search for reviews, you will get different types.

The main categories of reviews are positive and negative reviews. Within these two categories, you will get real and fake reviews but it’s not yet time to give up. You will get hundreds of reviews from the writing services websites, reviewing websites, social media, blogs, and affiliate websites.

Before you believe in a review, confirm first if it’s real or fake. Your biggest challenge is to know if a review is genuine or not but there are pointers to help identify a fake review. If you identify the fake correctly, what you will be left with is the real review and you will not go wrong with your choice of top essay writers.

Most fake reviews are found on social media because anyone can write a manipulated review on these platforms. The language they use could be suspicious and you might feel you want to question if the person who wrote was genuine. The reviews might sound too exaggerated and attract a benefit of the doubt from the readers.

Make sure you read reviews between the lines and vet them before you believe them. Go to comments and read them because they can help you to review a company better. If possible, use a tool to help you detect if a review is genuine or fake.

Where else you can find genuine reviews

Customer reviews might just look like simple, short sentences written by satisfied or dissatisfied customers but they play a very important role when choosing the best essay writers to handle your papers. They tell a lot about the kind of company you are about to deal with including their service quality, paper quality, writer qualification, and charges.

Most of the time, students don’t know where to go when looking for good reviews. Some go on social media platforms and search for the essay writer reviews. Others directly visit the company in question and look for their reviews page. There is nothing wrong with visiting the company in question or social media, but you might be missing the most detailed reviews.

The internet is full of best writing service websites you can visit and get quality reviews from genuine users to help you get the best writing company. The search engines are some of the best places to look for reviews but many websites specialize in reviews. If you visit any of the websites below, you will be certain to get the latest and best reviews.

Sitejabber reviews

Sitejabber ranks high among websites that protect customers. It’s rated 4.22 stars and most reviews about the site say they are satisfied with their strategies for reviews. Sitejabber reviews any type of services from best essay writing service in USA, to retail stores, pharmaceutical companies, transport businesses, electronics sellers, etc.

From its launch in 2008, the website has received millions of reviews globally from thousands of individuals and who use various types of services in a wide range of fields. The company uses several criteria for reviews such as type of service, shipping speed, cost, complaints, compliments, etc.

Trustpilot reviews

Within about a decade, Trustpilot has received more than 100 million reviews which makes it be one of the most trusted reviews websites. The website is a subscription platform although they have a free plan where customers engage with their customers to encourage them to post positive ratings about them on the site. Its subscription plan has more added features for customers to use.

Customers from across the globe write the buying experience they have had for the. The only condition is for them to create an account with Trustpilot and strictly follow the written guidelines.

Reddit reviews

Reddit is both review and a social website that receives high traffic daily. Its users actively upload posts, ask questions, read, post reviews, and answer questions. It’s one of the websites that give quality services compared to most sites.

The platform has both free and premium services and a user is free to post anything they wish provided they stay within the guidelines. The website has millions of reviews from customers from around the world and it makes it one of the biggest reviews sites that users can use and get better ideas when choosing the best essay writing services.


Students use essay writing services for various reasons. Some have busy days studying, researching, and engaging in extracurricular activities. The need to write quality papers that earn better grades attracts students to various online essay writing services for help. They seek to improve their writing skills and work on complex papers through help from qualified writers.

When looking for the best essay writing service, students consider various features. They look for services with 24/7 high-quality customer care and various discounts. Students look for services with highly qualified writers, writers with excellent experience, and fast delivery capabilities. Cost of paper is another important point and security of student data.

Many online services users at fear if the services are safe and legit. However, when a service is offered by established writers, it is safe. Online writing services are like ghostwriters who give legit services to students around the world.

The best writing service providers differ in prices and some might charge as low as $13 while others might charge as high as $30 per page. Charges depend on paper complexity, type of service, number of pages, and urgency. Students should first check reviews of the writing companies before they choose their best.

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