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Meet Celebrated Media Personality and Lifestyle Expert Barbara Majeski


On our life journey, we encounter various roadblocks, some of which we have control over and others we don’t. While some obstacles can be extremely challenging, these are all steps we need to take to unlock our next chapter. As Barbara Majeski puts it, “The secret to success is choosing not to give up.”

Despite facing a series of unfortunate events, Barbara chose to keep fighting, and she has fulfilled her dreams. She is a nationally recognized TV personality, author, and lifestyle expert. Popularly referred to as the “Curator of the Good Life,” Barbara explores and shares what it means to live life with purpose, style, and adventure.

She says that her current path was not something she had ever thought of pursuing some years back. She had a perfect life, married the man of her dreams, and was a devoted stay-at-home mom taking care of her three kids. Unfortunately, all that came crumbling down, and her marriage of 15 years ended. During the same period, Barbara was also diagnosed with stage three colon cancer, and she was at a point where she wasn’t sure what steps to take next.

As much as it was heartbreaking and painful, looking back, Barbara says cancer helped change her life. After six months of chemotherapy, Barbara decided it was “her time.” She was tired of letting fear, self-doubt, or other people’s opinions hold her back. She notes that she had promised herself that if given a second chance, she would never play it small again, let alone waste another minute talking herself out of an opportunity.

With no prior experience in media, Barbara sold her wedding ring and used that money to follow her dream. She hired a media trainer and slowly started sharing her adventures on social media platforms, including Clubhouse. Her program “Baring it All” empowers both men and women and shows them that they can still achieve their goals despite the challenges. Barbara is also regularly featured on the TODAY Show, Inside Edition, Houston Daily, and Good Day New York.

“I believe courage is contagious. By sharing my journey, it inspires others to take control of their own circumstances and know that your past does not have to define your future,” says Barbara. She is helping people live life with a purpose and showing the importance of taking time to enjoy every moment.

According to Barbara, before all this, she wasn’t sure of her reason to wake up every morning, but she found something she truly loved by reflecting on her personal life. Today she lives with more gratitude, compassion, love, grace, and humility. As The Curator of the God Life, her purpose is to help inspire others to live their best lives, unlock their potential and become better versions of themselves.

Additionally, Barbara is a special needs advocate. She supports people with disabilities and voices their opinions with a hope of a better tomorrow. Barbara notes that people with special needs are often discriminated against and lack platforms to showcase their skills and talents. Many organizations also do not have access to the necessary equipment to facilitate their day-to-day activities, making it frustrating and challenging. Having watched her brother with special needs go through some of these challenges, she uses her platforms to advocate for change and create an environment that is accommodating to all.

As Barbara continues to prosper, she uses her knack for sourcing the best to help others live their best lives. She is writing a new book to inspire single women and men over 40.