Entrepreneur Colin Yurcisin Encourages Others to Find Their Purpose Through His Many Platforms


Whatever one pursues, the road to success can be complex and challenging. There is no specific formula to triumph over specific endeavors, and uncertainty looms over derisively. Most people start their journeys wide-eyed and optimistic, but only a few succeed in achieving their goals. It may be the end of their march for some, but for those who haven’t given up, these are merely obstacles to overcome to get closer to their objectives.

With enough determination, hard work, and perseverance, successful entrepreneur Colin Yurcisin believes anyone can achieve their intentions and make their dreams come true. Through his brands, Leverage Lifestyle and Leverage Investments, Colin trusts that his years of experience will inspire others with big dreams to pursue their very aspirations and purposes.

During the years leading up to the successful launch of his brands, Colin had to overcome various complex challenges. Despite starting with $50K in debts, being scammed on his first entrepreneurial venture, and having to live with a bad credit score, he persevered, and he worked hard to figure out what to do. In next to no time, Colin established himself as a thriving businessman, working on deals here and there. But, most of all, teaching a plethora of people about fixing bad credit and maintaining a stellar one, which he believes is his sole purpose in this life.

“The biggest challenge I faced was not knowing what to do after I just quit my job and doing everything on my own. Eventually, I acted on instinct and just became an entrepreneur every day, starting with the small stuff and then slowly going big,” Colin said, adding that being himself was very challenging in a way and starting was hard. Still, the moment he was in the zone, it gradually became more manageable.

Colin is now living the best of his life, traveling worldwide and doing more inspiring work to expand his entrepreneurial realm. Following his passion and acting on it helped him hone his skills to become the best in what he does. Through Leverage Lifestyle, he teaches others interested in personal branding, credit travel, passive incomes, and so much more. It started as one class about credit, but it ultimately became a thing with many people interested and attending.

Leverage Investments, a successful ecommerce business, on the other hand, helps other brands with automation, including Facebook, Amazon, and Walmart. The company now has over 130 clients and is located in New Jersey. It has been around for four and a half years, and it helps many people make passive income from $2000 to $5000 in a month.

Colin believes that although obtaining the proper knowledge and information is crucial in becoming successful; nothing really beats experience. Suffice to say, the things he encountered in the past made him the person he is today. Colin sees himself as a world-renowned speaker and an author who touches millions of lives with his advocacy in a few more years.

To learn more about Colin, his inspiring ventures, and his classes, check out his Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

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