MuurSwagg’s Co-Founder Jael Roumain On the Intersection Between Fashion and Lifestyle


Jael Roumain is the co-founder of MuurSwagg, a dual fashion and lifestyle brand emphasizing style, purpose, and the black community. Starting in Miami with a handful of original dashiki print pieces, MuurSwagg has grown into a force to be reckoned with. MuurSwagg is a multi million-dollar business with over 200 original styles and strong community support.

As a female co-founder of this black-owned company, the other co-founder being her husband Brandon Roumain, Jael and MuurSwagg are all about helping the black community, other female business owners, and the family unit.

As a fashion company, MuurSwagg is focused on bringing creative and avant-garde styles to the fashion world. Competing with the likes of major fashion brands such as Fashion Nova and PrettyLittleThing, Jael Roumain and her team have successfully propelled MuurSwagg to the top of the fashion world all while maintaining their authenticity and originality.

Not only using e-commerce and social media avenues available to them, Muurswagg excels at gaining popularity by remaining ahead of the fashion trends with unique styles and popular events to engage with the black community. Roumain and MuurSwagg’s work is necessary as not all companies are committed to embodying moral causes as they are.

To this point, the community and lifestyle events that MuurSwagg facilitate and lead transforms the fashion brand into a lifestyle brand focused on the black community.

Arguably MuurSwagg’s most popular event, the Swagg Bag event is an experience like no other. During MuurSwagg’s Swagg Bag event, customers have two minutes to grab as many pieces of clothing as they can fit in their bags. The cost of this event is only $100 and customers usually leave with around 10-15 new styles, averaging around $900 of savings. MuurSwagg typically host these popular Swagg Bag events each year.

Further, MuurSwagg hosted a themed Valentine’s Day event last year at a local bar/ restaurant in Wynwood Miami, which was a successful hit. MuurSwagg expertly hosts both meaningful as well as fun events for their customers and community. These events are even more important than they have ever been as people are in dire need of in-person interaction and support since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Having followed an a-traditional path herself, Roumain understands the importance of supporting female entrepreneurs as well as of inspiring new females to take the jump into entrepreneurship, especially black females. Roumain draws on her experience growing from hairstylist to salon owner to celebrity stylist entrepreneur to co-founder of MuurSwagg, in order to help inspire other women as well as give them support and advice.

Clearly, it is important to Jael Roumain that she helps build up MuurSwagg’s business in a way that is ethical and supportive to her community. To this point, the name ‘MuurSwagg’ itself is an homage to the black community as “Muur” means “the original people of the earth.”

We cannot wait to see the new styles MuurSwagg plans to drop as well as the new events they plan to host.