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Real Estate Mogul, Jalal Abuimweis, Shares His Expert Wisdom


Life is a battle to overcome with many challenges and hurdles in your path every day. Most people work hard consistently with the hope of one day making their dreams come to life. To some, the goal is to work smarter to achieve financial freedom or independence, and the rest will fall in place. You can achieve this by following your passion, which will lead you to success, as exhibited by Jalal Abuimweis.

Jalal is a successful real estate investor and owner of over 50 apartments in Miami. He is the founder of Miami Movers and a renowned realtor with years of experience buying and selling properties. Since making his debut in the industry about three years ago, Jalal has bought and sold over 400 properties. His job primarily involves buying unmaintained real estate properties from sellers who can’t keep up their homes and need immediate cash to solve a problem. He then sells the real estate to investors in the area. By doing this, he helps people in need as well as the neighborhood by selling the properties to an investor who improves the property and sells it to an end buyer.

True to his belief that life is an open checkbook, Jalal says that you are the one to decide what to write. He adds that you are the author of your own destiny, and there is no limit to what you can achieve. The best thing you can do in life is to identify your passion and turn it into a career. It can be challenging, especially if you are unsure of what you want, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel for resilient and determined individuals.

You also have to get rid of all the negative ideas you may have about what you are going to do next if you fail. This includes distancing yourself from negative-minded friends and naysayers who have nothing much to offer other than their fears, worries, and discouragement. Jalal’s advice is to be confident in your potential to achieve greatness. You are bound to face challenges, but how you fight back and rise after the disappointment is what matters.

According to Jalal, you will likely hit rock bottom in your career at one point, but that’s no reason to give up. This is part of the journey to success. To Jalal, burning out is a myth used by negative-minded individuals who seek to justify their laziness and lack of drive to keep pushing. Feeling low and unmotivated is something people do feel, but you have to constantly refer to your source of inspiration to find the energy to keep pushing.

An ambitious entrepreneur and investor, Jalal is looking forward to more greatness in his career. He wants to scale and grow his business to become the largest real estate investment firm in Florida and beyond in the coming years. He also wants to be the go-person for all your real estate needs, helping millions across the continent fulfill their dreams in the industry. There is certainly no limit to what you can achieve, and that’s why Jalal remains optimistic for success beyond what he anticipates.