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Bill Gates once said, “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life,” this now has changed the future of tech alongside human existence. The future holds a lot when it comes to using the right technology and if everything goes well, people won’t even notice the advancement of technological discoveries around and will blend in effortlessly.

Joti Statovci is a man who has been delivering excellence through his extreme knowledge of forex and online trading. Being from Kosova, he chose to build his dreams by self-learning the technical market and the way it has been growing through decades. He shares, during the pandemic if anything has truly inspired him is the way people have self-taught them through the web. He truely believes that online education makes it easier for many to build their career. He says, ‘For if you don’t fall, you would never realize what is to rise.’ He even delivered the best online courses for people to understand forex trading and technology.

Joti recently shared about his take on the future possibilities and opportunities that waits for us ahead. He envisions the technological future in four major sections –

‘Artificial intelligence has been a huge discovery; however, I see a lot of pros and cons to the idea of using it as a replacement. Owing to the mind blowing progress in AI, it might overpower humans in the future. We should be ready to experience the effect of it if we are still alive.’


‘We can already see a lot of automation happening in today’s world. I predict that automation shall take over the need of using human labor. However, human interference can never be replaced using automation but yes there shall be a lot of competition that we can expect between humans and machines. Human life might also be way easier; however, this shall not take over human need.’


‘We are already experiencing amazing discoveries and inventions in the medical field. Artificial human parts are innovated. There shall be a time when the medical sector shall turn out to be a huge part of the technological reformation. Something that makes us human is the fact that we have no control over birth and death. However, there shall be a time when artificial body parts shall make it easier for the human to keep birth and death in control.’


‘VR world will soon replace compulsion to be physically present to attend meeting or ceremony. The efficiency and productivity will be increased. Digital meetings are already new normals; however, it’s not far when we shall experience a whole new advancement in Virtual Reality where people could be available irrespective of time and distance.’

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