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Jacob Clyburn’s Motivational Rise to Self-Made Success


Forbes defines self-made success as anyone who didn’t inherit any part of their money from family, friends, or anyone. Such people are successful self-made individuals in their respective fields and can serve as motivation to others. Jacob Clyburn is a classic example of a self-made success story, from nothing to owning some of the finest things in life.

Jacob is a successful entrepreneur running multiple international brands and provides agency advertising services. He is the founder of Aurora Agency, a top digital marketing agency helping brands find their success in the online space. Over the last few years, Jacob has developed multiple brands that have scaled internationally. He has also sold stores and built teams to grow opportunities.

Jacob started his ventures in entrepreneurship in the online space at the tender age of 12. He started with a gaming website that he had set up for friends and family, and in a short while, the business was open to the general public. While still in school, he made money from gaming and selling website designs. At this point, he realized he could do something he loved and earn from it without necessarily going to university.

When he got to college, he turned his design experience into practice by making tennis sports clothing. After college, he was still determined not to go to university, so he started researching how to make money online, and that’s when he came across dropshipping and Facebook ads. Jacob immediately turned his focus to the venture and tried it out. Within a few months, he had turned over six figures, and with this, he saw that as a way to financial freedom, something he had thought of since his gaming days.

Entering the business world without prior experience was a challenge as he had to learn everything on the go. It was also intimidating to assume people knew way more than him, but this only motivated him to improve his knowledge and what he had to offer to others. The clothing business required a lot of money, and he sorted an alternative route of raising the same; as luck had it, this turned out to be a blessing.

It’s fair to say that Jacob’s career is completely self-funded, and he has made it this far by reinvesting every dollar he made from as early as his gaming days. As he says, “It’s incredibly addictive to set goals with your businesses and smash through them.”

Jacob encourages people to pursue things that they see as difficult as they are the most rewarding. He insists that dreams and inspirations only require 100% commitment, and life either takes you right where you want to be or somewhere much better.

Jacob still has huge goals for the future and feels he is just beginning. He wants to grow his company by building more prominent and recognizable international brands. He loves developing ideas into brands. This includes selling products worldwide and keeping up this process on an even bigger scale. He also wants to help his agency clients achieve their own goals by providing them with the best support network possible for advertising.

To Jacob, the goal is to build something that he can be proud of and give his energy. “I want to keep learning and improving what I do,” he says.

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