OnlyOptionsTrades Offers Live Trading Classes to Prioritize Education Over Profit


OnlyOptionsTrades is educating Millennials and Gen-Z on stock market trading and risk management. With a focus on education before profit, the platform is run through discord and hosts live classes five nights a week where they see attendance from anywhere between 200 to 1,000 students per session.

The only platform of its type offering live classes on options trading, the group covers technical topics including Greeks, candlestick patterns, and psychological trading to equip its members to manage technical analysis and make profitable decisions on their own.

“We saw a boom in young people’s interest in the stock market when COVID-19 hit, just months after we had founded OnlyOptionsTrades in early 2020. Groups like wallstreetbets generated unprecedented participation from this demographic,” says OnlyOptionsTrades founder Anthony DeGalbo. “The only problem is this wave set a precedent for get rich quick solutions that are not sustainable expectations or smart solutions for an investment strategy moving forward. We aim to change the tone and provide young people with lasting, in-depth education so that they have tools to make wise and informed investment decisions.”

Blindly following trade advice found on the internet is risky and most often unprofitable, “Ultimately, we believe that it is great to make a profit, but education is more important. Without an informed approach, you may get lucky once or twice, but prioritizing education enables individuals to consistently make the right choices over the course of their lifetime.”

Having added over 10,000 members to their group in 2021 alone, OnlyOptionsTrades is poised to continue to develop into the preeminent online source for investment tools and learning. As a Discord group, anyone can join and use their tools to grow into an informed trader, taking advantage of the evening courses they offer every day.

To learn more about OnlyOptionsTrades, visit their website or Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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