NooCube Review: I’ve Been Using It for The Past Month. Should You Buy?

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Lately, I’ve been struggling with brain fog and staying focused at work.

So, when a friend told me about a ‘Nootropic’ called NooCube that could help, I decided to give it a try.

They say it will boost your memory, improve focus and help you to become a lot more productive.

Does it really work though?

Let’s find out!

NooCube 101: What Is It?

The creators of NooCube say their product boosts mental clarity, and focus which will help you think clearly and become more productive.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Clearer thinking
  • An easier time concentrating on tasks
  • Controlling your thoughts better
  • Increased mental energy
  • Faster reaction times
  • Increased awareness and memory
  • Higher productivity overall

They say it takes about 30 minutes to kick in and the effects should last 8-10 hours.

How Does NooCube Work?

NooCube is a nootropic.

Nootropics date back all the way to 1972, when Dr. Corneliu Giurgea, a Romanian psychologist and chemist, manufactured the well-known nootropic, Piracetam.

However, while most nootropics, including Piracetam, are regulated in many countries due to their severe side effects, NooCube isn’t because it’s made of safe and natural ingredients.

Nootropics are supposed to:

  • Advance your learning skills by helping you focus and recall things easier
  • Reduce brain stress
  • Increase neuron firing
  • Aid you in a safe, non-toxic way without side effects

NooCube contains a mix of pro-brain vitamins and amino acids.

And because the ingredients are all natural it means NooCube is safe from nasty side effects (provided you only take the recommended dose).

Now let’s take a look at the ingredients in NooCube.

NooCube’s Ingredients

Before I talk about my results, let’s take a look at the ingredient in NooCube to see how it works:

  • Alpha GPC: proven to enhance the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that’s crucial for your learning and memory. It also potentially helps treat Alzheimer’s.
  • Bacopa Monnieri: a perennial herb known to increase the reception of nerve signals, enhance cognition, and reduce reaction times. According to this study, participants who consumed 300mg of Bacopa Monnieri per day also demonstrated improved memory after 12 weeks, as opposed to those who took a placebo.
  • L-Theanine: thanks to its powerful amino acid status, L-Theanine is known to help release dopamine and serotonin in your brain, thus improving your attention span and reaction times. This is further proven by this study, which shows that L-Theanine positively influences mood, cognition, and memory within 12 weeks of use.
  • L-Tyrosine: as shown in this study, L-Tyrosine decreases your stress levels and improves fatigue and concentration.
  • Huperzine A: shown to enhance memory function, as proven by this clinical trial where participants who took Huperzine for four weeks demonstrated better results than those who took a placebo.
  • Uncaria tomentosa (Cat’s Claw): this Amazonian rainforest plant is shown to lessen “brain plaques and tangles,” according to this study. It’s also said to offer a “natural treatment” for “normal brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease.”
  • Oat Straw: proven to considerably improve responsiveness and focus during tests, as shown by this studywhere participants who consumed 1600mg of an oat herb extract showed better results than those who took a placebo.
  • Resveratrol and Pterostilbene: a polyphenol found in berries, resveratrol and pterostilbene are proven to act as anti-aging compounds by decreasing oxidative damage to the brain shown by this scientific review.

Overall, it looks like there’s clear evidence that the ingredients can boost brain function, and act as a nootropic.

And because it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee when you buy from the official website I decided to give it a try.

Here’s What Happened When I Tried NooCube

As I said at the beginning of this review, I’ve been struggling with brain fog and staying focused at work lately and no amount of coffee seemed to help.

So after a friend told me about NooCube I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

I’ve been taking it every day for 30 days now and I’m actually really impressed with what it can do.

After NooCube arrived I took it first thing in the morning the very next day:

  • After about 30 minutes, I suddenly felt very calm and focused and I was thinking very clearly.
  • My brain went from feeling tired and foggy to clear and focused. It was very strange but felt amazing!
  • I opened up my laptop and got started on an article I had been putting off for a while. The words came to me freely and before I knew it I had written almost a thousand words and the article was done. This was an article I had been putting off for a while because I just couldn’t think of what to say so I was very impressed with NooCube already.
  • After completing the article I checked off a bunch of annoying little tasks that needed to get done and made a start on another article.
  • By lunch time I was shocked and happy at how productive I was being and my mind still felt clear and focused. It was starting to wear off a little bit but I still felt way more focused than normal.
  • By about 6pm I could feel it was starting to wear off and I was feeling pretty tired but by that time I had completed 2 full articles and checked off about 10 other tasks on my to-do list. So for me this was a very productive day!

That’s pretty much been my experience every day for the last 30 days.

I even take it on my days off because I love the feeling of thinking clearly and feeling more focused.

The NooCube Test

I also decided to perform a simple test to see if NooCube made any difference to my focus and reaction times.

So, I played a game called 3D Aim Trainer recording my score before and after using NooCube.

Before using NooCube I recorded a high score of 48 and after NooCube I immediately got a high score of 61.

This might not be the most scientific of tests, but it clearly shows that I was more focused and had better reaction times after using NooCube.

Should You Buy NooCube?

Of course, some days are more productive than others but overall I found NooCube to be a very consistent product.

There seems to be a point after about 25-30 minutes where it ‘kicks-in’ and all of a sudden you begin to feel calm, focused and clearer headed.

It’s an amazing feeling and it’s great for being more productive, having better conversations and operating at a higher level.

I think NooCube would be great for students who need to study, business owners, and people who need to think clearly and be on top of their game.

I’d definitely recommend giving it a try, plus it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee when you buy from the official website so there’s nothing to lose.

And, make sure you do buy it from the official website to make sure that you’re getting the real thing.

Click here to visit the official website and learn more about what NooCube can do for you! 

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