Max Performer Review: Scam or Legit? Here’s My Results..

*By: ManEnhanced*


My sex drive was low, and my erections were weak, so I decided to give Max Performer a try.

They say it’s a natural Viagra alternative that will boost your sex drive, give you rock hard erections, and give you more intense orgasms.

And because it’s a natural supplement, side effects are extremely unlikely.

Does it really work?

I’ve been trying it out for the past 30 days, so carry on reading to find out!

What Is Max Performer?

Max Performance is a Viagra alternative supplement designed to treat sexual performance issues, like low sex drive and weak erections.

It’s also 100% natural and made up of safe ingredients so there’s less risk of side effects.

It doesn’t work right away like Viagra does. Instead, you take it as a daily supplement and the effects begin to build up after a couple days.

When taken daily you should begin to experience:

  • A boosted sex-drive
  • Bigger, harder erections
  • More intense orgasms

How does it do this?

Let’s look into the ingredients and find out..

How Does Max Performer Work?

My naturally skeptical mind makes me think that everything is a scam so before I bought Max Performer, I decided to investigate the ingredients and see if there’s any real evidence that it works.

Here’s what I found out:

  • Horny Goat Weed (1,000mg): Numerous scientific studies have shown that Horny Goat Weed can boost testosterone levels and improve sex drive.
  • Maca (1,000mg): Maca is an aphrodisiac that has been used for centuries to increase sexual strength and stamina while improving sperm count and sperm motility.
  • Red Korean Ginseng (1,000mg): Red Korean Ginseng has been shown to reduce fatigue and improve sexual endurance and sex drive.
  • Cordyceps (1,000mg): This natural mushroom extract has been shown to enhance testosterone levels and boost both sperm count and blood levels.
  • Bioperine: Bioperine is a “bioavailability enhancer” which means that it improves your body’s ability to absorb the other ingredients in Max Performer.
  • Selenium: Selenium is a potent antioxidant that has been proven to help muscle tissue relax, which gives you bigger, harder erections.
  • Zinc: Zinc has been proven to increase sperm production and speed up cell recovery, giving you more intense orgasms.

After digging into the ingredients, I feel that there’s definitely evidence to support Max Performers claims of being a natural Viagra alternative.

But what are customers saying?

Max Performer Reviews

Before I bought and tried Max Performer, I wanted to see what customers were saying about it.

I kept seeing it on lists of the best male enhancement pills and I searched high and low and couldn’t really find any negative reviews for it.

This made me a bit suspicious because surely there must be some unhappy customers somewhere.

From what I could tell though, customers are genuinely happy with Max Performer.

Like Paul, who had been using Viagra for around a year but was getting nasty side effects. He found Max Performer and was delighted with the results.

Within a few weeks of starting Max Performer, Paul was having some of the best sex of his life, without any side effects! 

Then there’s Adam, who has been using Max Performer to increase his sex drive and stamina for the past 6 months.

He’d tried other male enhancement products before, but never saw the results he was looking for.

But since taking Max Performer, his erections have become rock solid and his stamina is through the roof!

Adam highly recommends Max Performer to anyone who is looking for firmer erections and more powerful orgasms.

Max Performer isn’t just getting rave reviews from the men who take it; their partners are loving it too.

Holly and her boyfriend had a great sex life, but she noticed that it had suddenly became a LOT better.

After rummaging around, she found Max Performer in her boyfriend’s drawer, and everything made sense.

She was so thrilled with her boyfriend’s new performance and stamina that she ordered him some more.

I never trust online reviews too much but after looking into the ingredients and seeing some genuine looking testimonials, I decided to give Max Performer a try and see whether it really is the ‘real deal’.

My Max Performer Results – Here’s What Happened When I Tried It

Max Performer is a supplement that’s designed to be taken daily with water.

You won’t see results right away like you would with Viagra. Instead, it takes a few days for the ingredients to take effect.

Anyway, I ordered a 30-day supply and here’s what happened:

  • As you’d expect, I didn’t really feel any different the first day I took Max Performer.
  • However, I did notice that I slept well and the next day I was feeling much more relaxed and in a great mood. My feelings of stress and worry just seemed to wash away, and I felt much more centered. I think stress with work, and life in general had contributed to my lack of sex drive in the past so it was no surprise that on morning 3 I woke up with a rock-hard erection.
  • After a few days of using Max Performer, I was feeling lifted, and happier which was great for my sex drive.
  • My libido was coming back to me, I was happier and when I was with my girlfriend, I was getting hard again. We started having great sex, and it was like the beginning of our relationship again!
  • I started feeling excited about sex again, and was able to keep up an erection, and my orgasms felt amazing. They were way more intense and pleasurable.

I didn’t tell my girlfriend at first that I was using Max Performer but after it worked so well I told her about it and she’s all for me buying more of it.

Should You Buy Max Performer?

After using Max Performer for 30 days, I’m surprised at how well it works.

I kind of expected to see no results at all but this stuff has really transformed my sex life.

Viagra works quickly but it gave me headaches and made me feel dizzy.

Max Performer is way better because it’s helped with my overall well-being as well as my sex drive.

And I noticed no negative side effects.

Since using Max Performer:

  • I’m sleeping better
  • My mood has improved
  • I feel more energized
  • My sex drive is up
  • I’m getting erections more often and at all the right times.
  • My erections are bigger and harder
  • And my girlfriend seems much happier too

So, if you’re suffering from performance issues like I was, then Max Performer is worth trying.

Plus, it comes with a 100-day money back guarantee so if you take it for 90 days and you’re not happy with your results then you can get 100% of your money back.

Click here to visit the official Max Performer website and see what it can do for you!

Good luck, and I hope Max Performer works as well for you as it did for me.

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