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Dr. Jennifer Levine Explains How Plastic Surgery Can Transform Lives


As many people believe, confidence is the key to looking beautiful. It allows you to feel better in your skin, giving you the courage to face the world with your chin up. Some people might lack this confidence due to their perceived physical imperfections or the natural changes in their features due to aging. Thankfully, plastic surgery has the power to sculpt the body and face to look how one desires. With the advances in technology and modern science, plastic surgery has evolved through a sea of changes. Complicated invasive procedures have now transformed into minor treatments with less downtime. Dr. Jennifer Levine, an expert facial plastic surgeon in New York, is making this possible with a combined innovative procedure that provides natural and believable results.

Dr. Levine is a double board-certified and triple Ivy-League trained plastic surgeon specializing in treatments and procedures of the face and neck. In a career spanning over two decades, Dr. Levine has performed over 15,000 facial procedures. She was a facial plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery fellow at New York University, New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Cornell Medical Center, and the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital.

Her passion for art and her love for science led her to the field of plastic surgery, which she believes is an amalgamation of both. It allows her to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives and witness the physical and emotional transformations they experience. In an industry where 90% of patients are women, but only 10% are female doctors, Dr. Levine runs an all-women clinic. All staff and caregivers at her practice are women who treat their patients with utmost care and concern.

Besides performing surgeries and offering consultations, Dr. Levine also publishes her experience in various renowned publications. She is an international speaker on the latest technologies and advancements in plastic surgery. As a Professor of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at New York University School of Medicine, Dr. Levine also educates and trains doctors and injectors on innovative techniques that are revolutionizing the plastic surgery industry.

Her accomplishments over the last two decades did not come easy because studying plastic surgery and starting a practice were two completely different things. Venturing into business to monetize her skills was the biggest challenge for Dr. Levine because she didn’t have much business knowledge. However, she overcame all of it with time by offering the highest standards of care and best-in-class services to her patients.

Dr. Levine believes that true beauty is not just skin deep—it comes from a confident soul. As the vice-chairperson of the Innovation and Emerging Technology Committee of the AAFPRS, she is at the forefront of innovation in plastic surgery. This has helped her combine the latest procedures to give clients the most believable and desired results. Dr. Levine has earned a name for herself by offering plastic surgeries and different beauty procedures like blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, facelifts, neck lifts, liposuction, Emsculpt, lip fillers, and many more.

Dr. Levine plans to continue her journey of transforming lives and reaching more people to help them feel better about themselves. She will soon expand her base to other cities and introduce more innovative techniques to offer her clients beautiful results in the most non-invasive ways possible.