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How Breathwork Expert Shannon Sperber Started Her Journey of Healing


As the good old saying goes, every river has its source. Similarly, everyone has a story about their lives. You are born naïve of everything but learn from your immediate environment and what you’re exposed to. Your talent and ability are also molded by your surroundings and the people you lived with in your formative years. This is typically seen in the different life stories people share.

Born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, and raised in Phoenix, Arizona,  Dr. Shannon Sperber is a notable personality in the medical field. The breathwork expert is a physical therapy doctor and received her degree in 2008. Throughout her career, Dr. Shannon has impacted many lives working as a home geriatric PT, a position she held before turning her focus to her family. Last year during COVID quarantine, she became Heart Math certified and a breathwork facilitator. She is now working as a Somatic Release Breathwork facilitator, where she hosts group and individual sessions.

Dr. Shannon says it took her 41 years to figure out what she really wanted to do in life. Though she loved what she was doing previously, she believes it all prepared her for her present journey. In 2017, she got very sick and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. With the realization that she wouldn’t want to live like that for the rest of her life, Dr. Shannon immediately enrolled in a huge healing journey. Then, she discovered the power of the breath to regulate her nervous system. Using several different modalities, including breathwork, she completely healed herself, reversed her diagnosis, and is now symptom-free.

This marked a turning point in her life, leading to the realization that she needed to further pursue the power of breathwork and bring it to the world.

Dr. Shannon’s parents also played a significant role in impacting her life, specifically her mother, Dr. Laura Huser. Dr. Huser is a licensed psychologist who got breathwork certified with Shannon and helps facilitate the classes, constantly pushing Shannon to use her voice and be the best version of herself. Dr. Shannon also credits her husband Cody Sperber for her achievements, as he has always been a great example of success. Cody runs multiple million-dollar businesses and inspires her daily. Dr. Shannon also praises her mentor, Steven Jaggers, who has taught her so much about the power of breathwork, the importance of holding space, feeling into your body and regulating the nervous system. All of these amazing people have inspired her to impact the world.

Dr. Shannon believes breathwork to be a beneficial practice for anyone seeking to decrease anxiety/depression, get clarity, stimulate their own self-healing, take their business or relationship to the next level, or are on a journey to discover who they are and why they are here. However, at the moment, she is very much interested in targeting entrepreneurs. Their nervous systems are often in survival mode, known as  “fight or flight”, and they are usually stuck in their minds and need to learn how to connect to their bodies and hearts. They also carry so much stress and pressure and typically have past trauma, so they really benefit from this work.