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Three Important Lessons From Successful Trader Crypto Face’s Career


A few years ago, Crypto Face made a move that changed his life for the better. As a college student, he discovered that he didn’t like it. The prospects of being in a routine 9–5 job didn’t appeal to him much, either. Fully convinced there were better things out there, he dropped out of college. Soon after, he discovered the crypto space and started a journey that brought him much success.

At the moment, Crypto Face holds the world record for the most profitable, live-streamed cryptocurrency trade. No other Bitcoin or Ethereum live trade has ever yielded as much. 6 hours after the trade began, Crypto Face had made a cool 2M. In the losing records, Crypto Face still holds the first position. In the history of live-streamed trades, no one else has recorded as high as 300,000 in a loss. So, in both profit and loss, he is the reigning champion.

Winning and losing both come with the industry, and Crypto Face has learned to accept that. That’s one of the lessons he has learned. Even though keeping the money you’d use to trade in a bank account might be a safer option, the current economy doesn’t make that easy.

These days, unlike decades before, saving for retirement is challenging. Instead of waiting until then, Crypto Face believes investing, rather than saving, is the way to go. He says, “Save a little chunk of money, and then you gotta take a swing with that little chunk of money and hope that you hit.” In his case, he took a swing in the crypto space, and it proved to be the right move.

The value of honesty is the second lesson Crypto Face has learned in his career. Crypto trading has given him a community that he holds dear, but that has come from more than just trading. According to him, his honesty has made him more relatable and inspired others to do the same.

A little over a year ago, Crypto Face lost his mom to brain cancer. As he drove to her that night, he hosted a live stream and opened up about his emotions and life to his community. With all the fakeness on many platforms, Crypto Face believes honesty will open doors in any industry. “No matter what kind of industry you’re in or anything you’re talking about… like if you’re just honest about your wins or losses, your community will trust you.”

The third lesson in Crypto Face’s career is the importance of continuous learning. When he was just starting, he didn’t know where to begin. However, he was willing to learn, and that’s what he dedicated his time and effort to. The way he sees it, you don’t need to be a genius to learn how to trade or do anything else. Everything you need to do has been done before, and someone has it posted on the internet. With a little bit of effort and time, you’ll learn how to do it.

In Crypto Face’s case, continuous learning comes with growth. Right now, he is exploring other opportunities in addition to crypto trading, like stock trading. In the next few years, he plans to switch to more mainstream financial projects because he believes there’s a lot of untapped potential. Just as he’d done in the crypto space, he is sure he will carve a space for himself.