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5 Pro Tips by Mitchell Patrick Hennessey to Help You Live Life on Your Terms in 2022


Living life on our own terms is a dream that many of us harbor but only a few manage to accomplish. Whether it means the yearning to do something you love on the creative side of things or achieve the seemingly impossible in financial terms, this dream holds different meanings for each of us. And yet, the ways to accomplish it are pretty similar for everyone.

As a self-made millionaire and successful entrepreneur, Mitchell Patrick Hennessey, aka Hugh Henne, knows what it means exactly to live life on your terms. And with 2022 around the corner, here are a few tips from Hennessey that can help you to live such a life too!

Aim for financial freedom early in life.

Mitchell Patrick Hennessey cannot stress enough how essential it is to achieve financial freedom to live a life that is free from the usual shackles. “When you achieve financial freedom, you gain with it a confidence that allows you to do away with the ordinary,” he explains. “It gives you the freedom to think differently than the rest of the crowd, and thanks to the financial independence you have achieved, you can now pursue these goals too!”

Plan your retirement before you plan your spending.

We often plan our finances according to how much money we need for our immediate needs and wants. This, however, only helps us prepare for the short-term. “When you wish to build a present that helps you achieve long-term goals, it is essential to think years and even decades in advance,” reveals Hennessey. “When you know your retirement is secure, you can pursue the life you want without worrying about the future.”

Invest in financial channels you understand.

“There are several financial channels and investment tools that can make you money. Understanding these channels, experimenting with them, and making them work for you is key,” says Mitchell Patrick Hennessey. When you understand your investments, it helps you invest optimally. And with your assets secure and churning revenue for you, you can finally live life on the terms you decide.

As the Founder of Hennessey Capital and a trader who has clocked 1000% returns consistently over the last four years, Mitchell Patrick Hennessey inspires thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs with big dreams in their eyes. And now, with these tips in hand, you, too, can go ahead and create for yourself a life you live on your terms.

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