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Barry Kibwika, aka Harnun’s excellence in fashion, becomes the talk of the town.


He loves combining the culture of the current cultural trends with the ancestral origins as an African creative and fashion entrepreneur.

To be a self-motivated and inspired individual and to go ahead in creating one’s unique niche in all that one wishes to do in life is something a few professionals may take years to fulfil. However, through their choices and the journeys they tread on, some incredibly talented beings inspire others to make their visions a reality and turn their lives for the better by becoming success stories. Barry Kibwika, aka Harnun, is all about this and even beyond and has been riding high on success as a genius in fashion, entrepreneurship, spiritualism, and yoga.

Having created fashion lines like Sabaa and The 47th Dynasty, Harnun has truly proved his mettle and tenacity in the niche and has even inspired greatness with his designs, offering affordability and comfortability. Sabaa is a unique fashion line that caters to men, women, and children, while The 47th Dynasty is all about radiating the rich culture of the 47th Dynasty. Talking about his origin, Harnun says that he was born in Africa and hence was able to witness the beauty of the current cultural trends and their connection to the ancestral roots through the Nile Valley Civilizations. This was enough for him to get inspired to transform the knowledge and experiences he acquired and work towards reclaiming his cultural essence through the way people dress. “The main inspiration channels the African way of life,” he quotes and adds further, saying, “I wanted to give homage to what was once forgotten with a modern twist.”

Harnun has made sure to create designs that are not too fancy but exude simplicity and class. He has excelled beyond boundaries as an author, and his recent book, “Return back to self-love” is proof of the same. He is also a growing Kemetic yoga teacher and has been working towards building a spiritual community that dives deeper into practicing yoga, meditation, and spirituality.

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