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Kameko Tarnez of Archrok Entertainment: From His “Protector of the Gods” Film Back to Music


Kameko Tarnez is a man of many talents. Some of you may know him as the man behind the upcoming  Egyptian film trilogy and comic series, “Protector of the Gods”, which was deemed by GQ and Glamour magazine as being “Hollywood’s First All-Black Egypt Film”.  Others will know him for his music. Early in his career, Kameko got his big break by collaborating with icons such as Michael Jackson, Erykah Badu, Grace Jones, the Marley family, and many more. After years of sold-out international tours and radio charting dance singles in Europe, Kameko decided to take a break from music. He used this time to self-reflect, re-evaluate, and regroup. Now he has returned! In February 2021, he had a message to get out to the people and released his single “Get Up”. In true Kameko fashion, this anthem spoke to the minds and hearts of the people. It speaks on the unity and love we all crave as people during these trying times of injustice. It is this very injustice that moved Kameko to delve back into his musical roots and share his message of love. Kameko states, “This song is not just about police brutality. It’s about us collectively taking a stand for all human rights. Crimes against humanity have been going on for far too long and it’s time for my fellow brothers and sisters to unite and protect one another.”

Always leading with love, light, and honesty, Kameko strives to empower his people and change the narrative commonly put on people of color.  A narrative of slavery, criminals, and someone viewed as less than. “We must be aware of who we really are; the mothers and fathers of the planet earth”. This one lyric from “Get Up” speaks volumes about Kameko’s work and mission. A mission of love and to show people of color in a new light. “Get Up” touches on this topic with his words, but Kameko felt it was necessary to add a visual. To follow up this single, and fully re-emerge, Kameko will be releasing a music visual NFT as the second installment for his “Get Up” single in February 2022 for Black History Month.

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“Get Up” Single