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Everdome Lets Investors Purchase Digital Land and NFTs and Buy, Rent, or Lease Property


Everdome introduces a new era of real estate investment with the ability to purchase digital land and NFTs, combined with the ability to buy, rent, and lease property. These features will just be one component of Everdome’s hyper-realistic metaverse.

Introducing the Dome-Estate

The property features of Everdome are all part of the Dome-Estate. This portion of Everdome aims to bring people and brands together to create the highest quality web3 experience.

Buy Land

One of the key features of the Dome-Estate is the ability to buy land in Everdome. Doing so will increase your holding of digital land as well as your holding of NFTs. This can be a supplement to other metaverse and blockchain-based investments, or it can be an alternative.

Buy, Rent, or Lease Property

Everdome will also provide the functionality to buy, rent, or lease property. These interactions are designed to operate in a way that is very similar to real estate portfolios in the real world. As such, it gives property investors yet another method of diversifying their portfolios.

Portfolio diversification has always been an element of savvy investment strategies, and investing in property in the metaverse is the ultimate way to diversify. It also gives investors the opportunity to make early investments in an area that has excellent potential.

Potential Uses of Property

The potential uses of property in Everdome are only just being determined. As the metaverse grows, so will the possibilities. Everdome has already announced that you can build storefronts and run marketplaces in it.

This type of use can provide a financial flow for companies that pay rent on the property to run those storefronts. At the same time, the rent they pay to the owners of the digital land can provide those owners with financial flow.

The HQ Dome

The central dome of the metaverse establishment on Mars will be the Everdome HQ dome. This is the first area in which Everdome is offering space.

Other Domes

Companies that want more from their digital land purchase can also create specialized and branded domes that focus on the needs of their communities. This is an opportunity to promote your branding or offer digital products and services.

The Metaverse as a Destination

The ability to buy digital land and rent it in Everdome fits perfectly in Rob Gryn’s vision of the future of the internet. He is the CEO and founder of both Everdome and Metahero. He says that the “future of the internet will be a full exploration of our senses, and more of a destination.”

It is par for the course that a destination would have opportunities to buy and rent land. As with every other element of Everdome, that digital land will be so realistic that it will be hard to tell what is real when you remove your VR headset.