CBD’s “Superpowers” For Seniors! — Six Surprising Benefits of CBD for Seniors


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CBD oil may be trending on social media, but that doesn’t mean seniors aren’t “hip to hemp.” Heck, many seniors are already using CBD oils to help with many conditions…including hip pain!

Even if your older relatives aren’t super adventurous, you should share this list on the benefits of CBD for seniors. Chances are, at least one of these features will encourage seniors to give CBD a second look.

Six Of The Top Therapeutic Benefits Of CBD For Seniors 

Relieve Creaky Joints With A CBD Topical 

Unfortunately, arthritis goes hand-in-hand with the aging process. According to the CDC, at least one in four adults in America now have some degree of this painful condition.

On a positive note, multiple universities claim CBD has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Indeed, studies out of both the University of Kentucky and Cornell University show CBD may play a role in decreasing joint swelling associated with arthritis conditions.

If seniors are interested in using CBD for muscle aches or joint pain, we’d recommend looking into Blue Ribbon Hemp’s Broad-Spectrum CBD Lotion. This naturally-scented vanilla topical can provide targeted relief for common complaints like knee, neck, or wrist pain.

Slow Down Before Bed With A Bottle Of CBD

It’s typical to associate seniors with sleepiness, but recent research reveals our sleep patterns get weaker as we age. Indeed, the daytime fatigue many adults complain about could be due to the lack of deep, undisturbed sleep.

While doctors don’t know if CBD could directly influence sleep health, it appears this cannabinoid has anti-anxiety benefits. Therefore, taking CBD oil a few hours before bed could help seniors naturally unwind before it’s time for sleep.

Live Fully In “The Now” Thanks To CBD’s Stress Relief 

Let’s face it: growing old is stressful. Although retirement offers newfound freedoms, it’s common for seniors to feel overwhelmed with all the time on their hands. Significant changes to a retiree’s social life, finances, and physical health could also take a toll on their mental well-being.

While CBD can’t reverse the aging process, it may provide gentle stress relief to tackle the day’s challenges. Indeed, placebo-controlled studies out of Japan suggest CBD works better than placebos for social anxiety disorder. These anti-stress effects could provide a gentle “mental massage” to help seniors relax.

Hemp For A Healthy Hippocampus: CBD For Memory Issues  

Many studies have examined CBD’s effect on stress and arthritis, but one unique trial suggests CBD may also benefit memory.

According to brain scans from University College London, CBD seems to increase blood flow to the hippocampus region. Since the hippocampus deals with short and long-term memory, some scientists believe CBD may have a neuroprotective effect.

Please note: The research into CBD for dementia is in early stages. Although the data from UCL is encouraging, that doesn’t mean CBD could reverse any diagnosed memory impairment. However, this research strongly suggests CBD oil may provide seniors with a significant brain boost.

Not Hungry? Try CBD For A Tastier Mealtime  

Don’t worry; CBD won’t give seniors a craving for empty calories! Since our broad-spectrum CBD oil doesn’t contain THC, there’s no risk of the side effects often associated with marijuana.

That being said, it appears CBD could help subtly improve a patient’s appetite. Instead of stimulating hunger, CBD oil seems to decrease nausea-related symptoms. So, if seniors struggle to eat during the day, a little CBD before dinner may help tickle their tastebuds!

Consider CBD Salves For Faster Wound Recovery 

As we age, cuts, scrapes, and bumps don’t heal as quickly. However, with a vial of hemp extract at the ready, seniors could assist their body’s natural healing response.

Fascinating new research out of Brazil found that CBD injections improved wound recovery in rats with gum scarring. Scientists believe CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects are most responsible for the acceleration in tissue recovery.

Although CBD injections are only available in lab settings, Blue Ribbon Hemp has plenty of high-potency CBD products that may help with this issue. For instance, a daily dose of our MAX-strength CBD hemp oil may work wonders for wound recovery.

CBD May Be Spectacular, But Seniors Should Always Speak With A Doctor First! 

The therapeutic benefits of CBD are vast, but that doesn’t mean seniors should use Blue Ribbon Hemp as a replacement for proper medical care. In fact, CBD oil could have adverse reactions when combined with certain medications.

If you’re interested in adding CBD oil to your daily schedule, it’s best to speak with your doctor before trying any of Blue Ribbon Hemp’s formulas. Only a trusted physician can let you know how to fit CBD into your schedule without hurting your wellness routine.