How to Promote OnlyFans: How to be Successful on OnlyFans in 2022


Let’s be honest, we’ve all read these posts and articles about growing your OnlyFans that only suggest obvious ideas like posting on your Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms. That’s common sense. My goal today is to show you new strategies you’ve never seen anywhere else to grow your OnlyFans and to grow it quickly.

How to Be Successful On OnlyFans

Below we’ve listed multiple free and paid methods to help you get fans on OnlyFans easier. Be sure to stick around until the end for a bonus tip.

Free Methods to Promote Your OnlyFans

In our opinion, the best free method to promote your OnlyFans is to work with an experienced agency that specializes in growing profiles from scratch. There are many to choose from, but the industry leaders are Doss Agency and Unruly Agency. Unruly is known for managing models like Tana Mongeau, and they are a great agency to get in touch with if you already are making a lot of money and have a following. 

Let’s be honest, if you’re looking into promoting your OnlyFans then you most likely don’t have millions of followers to fit into Unruly’s criteria, so I’d say to do some research into agencies like Doss Agency.

Is Doss Agency Legit?

Doss Agency, you can find them on Instagram at @DossAgency, is an agency that specifically works with models who have the content figured out and are just trying to add fuel to the fire and rapidly grow their OnlyFans pages. On average, a model working with Doss Agency makes minimum $3,000 per month without ever promoting the OnlyFans herself. All of the promotion/page management is done by the agency, the only thing the model does is create content at home.

From interviewing models they work with, such as and, they seem to have provided content on a weekly basis, and the rest was handled by the agency.

The agency spent tens of thousands of dollars promoting their page to get them to be one of the top creators on the platform. Both were making under $500 a month before signing with the agency. 

A representative from Doss Agency, Lexi, told us she is actively looking for highly driven models and that you can reach out via Instagram, their website, or via text at 267-344-7408. If you are newer to OnlyFans and struggling to grow, this may be your best option unless you’re ready to dish out thousands of dollars on ads as we’ll discuss in our next section titled “Paid Methods”. Since at the end of the day, free methods can only get you so far. Usually you will top out at $1,000 a month by just promoting in free ways.

Another free way to grow is by going onto Twitter and searching “OnlyFans Promo” and go to the people section, you will find tons of big Twitter pages that post threads where models can drop their OnlyFans link. Usually these tweets have hundreds of retweets and replies, drop your link in a reply and hundreds of potential fans will see your page. Be sure to keep up with all of the OnlyFans promo pages and always drop your link, we even suggest that you keep post notifications on for these pages so you can be one of the first to reply with your picture and link.

Another method is to create a tinder profile with your Instagram in bio, never mention anything about OnlyFans and you won’t get banned. On average, a tinder profile is viewed 15,000 times per day as a girl. That’s 15,000 potential eyeballs who may convert over to your OnlyFans page.

Paid Methods to Promote Your OnlyFans

Websites such as ShoutoutExpress allow you to contact large influencers, such as Sophie Dee, to purchase ads from their Instagram pages, Twitter pages, and directly on OnlyFans itself. 

Just be mindful that these ads are very effective, but expensive. Typically for a model with over a million followers expect to pay at least $1,000 dollars,  most likely closer to $5,000 dollars, for a post on their Instagram. That’s why OnlyFans agencies come in handy since they handle all of that buying and risk for a percentage fee of the profile. That way your only responsibility is making the content.

Another method is meme pages on Instagram, we’ve all seen them. Those pages with over a million followers posting memes, and occasionally, ads. These ads will run you hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars per post, but they’re the most effective strategy according to Lexi at Doss Agency. These posts will get hundreds of thousands of views, and if you have good content(TikToks typically work best) you should expect to gain a lot of subscribers.

Metrics to Know To Track Results

So you’ve decided to go down the rabbit hole of paid methods to Promote Your OnlyFans, that’s great! Next thing is to know if any of it is worth it.

We find that on average, a paid subscriber with PPV’s and everything will earn you on average $15 per month. So your goal is to spend at most $10 per subscriber to be profitable in the first month. So if you buy a $1,000 ad, your goal is to gain at least 100 paid subscribers to make that ad worth it to you. Those numbers completely change for free pages, but this gives you an idea for the most common page type which is paid accounts.

If you successfully find ads that fit these metrics, keep buying. Reinvest all of your earnings, it will pay off eventually. The last thing you want to do is go splurge with the money you’ve made from these ads. If you reinvest over and over again, you’ll eventually get to the point where you constantly are earning well over $20,000 a month. It may take some time and a lot of mistakes, but as long as you are always tracking how many subscribers you are gaining from each ad, then you can avoid as many mistakes as possible.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans from your Existing Fans

Without a doubt one of the best ways to make more money from your existing fans is to consistently send out PPV’s. Lexi from Doss Agency was telling us that on average they send out 10 PPV’s per day, without ever missing a day. To top that off, they also send out “bump” messages every hour or so to bump their message to the top of the fans profiles. Look at it this way, when you login as a fan you see all of the most recent messages at the top. Your goal is to be there as often as possible, which unfortunately means spamming the page a bit.

Another thing that most models overlook is tip campaigns, you can set up a tip campaign with your feed posts. We suggest doing them every 2-3 hours to make sure you always have fresh campaigns up. If you setup a tip campaign for $10 let’s say, you should have a corresponding vault folder named $10 with the content you want to send for it in the vault folder so you can easily answer the tips.

An obvious one is chatting with fans, however be careful. This can cause more harm than good sometimes, considering fans will get attached to you and start to get upset when you are trying to upsell them videos. This can cause a buyer to turn away from your page since he feels used. Many top creators chat with their fans, but it usually is only a temporary boost in income.