Mann Kong’s Vision Has Lead NFTPays Media to Great Success


The world has been moving at an extremely fast pace for centuries now. This has resulted in a number of advancements that none of us could have imagined. A space called the internet was introduced decades ago. As we enter the new year of 2022, this space has grown even further. From being able to make money, do our daily chores, and shop via the internet, there is a lot more that has begun from this platform.

The internet has now entered its Web3 phase, resulting in the advancements of NFTs. While this industry has started emerging, many took a chance and invested in its growth. One of these visionaries was Mann Kong. He founded NFTPays Media, which is a media and advertising company. They have been avidly working with influential celebrities and major NFT brands.

NFTPays Media has taken NFT marketing and advertising a notch above its level. Until 3 months ago, there were no NFT or Web3 media companies on Instagram. However, NFTPays have paved the way for this specific niche and have begun to create unique content on Instagram. While many were unsure about the NFT industry and were scared to dive in, Mann believed in its success.

As of now, they have already been promoting the biggest projects in the industry. Mann’s team’s effort and strategies have led them to this milestone. NFTPays Media is already the 3rd largest NFT media company account on Instagram. They aspire to add a lot more value not only to their company but also to the rapidly growing industry.

Mann believes that the key to climbing up the ladder is making prompt decisions. Understanding the market and acting quickly resulted in NFTPays’ rapid growth. Mann and the team decided to begin this journey just a week before launching the company. But as they moved ahead and made mistakes, they learned lessons that have made them better at what they do.

NFTPays takes pride in its achievement of growing 65,000 followers per week. They have made this possible due to the quality of the content they produce. Working with well-known people and A-list players in the industry requires a varied skill set, and they have gained it with their experience. They aspire to grow even further as the industry expands.

Mann and his team have set goals for themselves to accelerate their growth. They are working to increase their audience and hit their first 1 million followers on Instagram. In addition to that, their objective in the future is to build a vibrant community. This will not only help them to add more value to their work but will also allow them to work with bigger NFT projects in the market.

None of us would’ve imagined a Web3 space and NFTs until just a while ago, but today, this industry is moving ahead rapidly. As this industry grows, the significance of NFT advertising will soar. During the expansion of this industry, visionaries like Mann will not only increase their revenue but also get to be a part of its history.

Sometimes, prompt decision-making and taking chances leads you to opportunities you could never have imagined. But growth is indeed the key to achieving your dreams.