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Jack Symonds, Founder of Overtook Enterprise, Shares His Path to Success


Success comes in different forms for different people. For the majority, it boils down to being true to themselves and doing what they love. Even then, however, they must be open to challenges that might make or break them on the way. Whether that is climbing up the ladder at a 9–5 or trying your hand at entrepreneurship, a time will come when you must take a leap of faith. Irrespective of age, finances, or experience, anyone can succeed if they want it badly enough. Jack Symonds, entrepreneur and creative director, is a good example of that.

Jack is the director at Overtook Enterprise, a UK-based advertising and marketing company. Every day, Jack works closely with startups and established businesses around the world and helps them leverage social media. His brand’s mission is to grow businesses’ social media followings and increase engagement. That way, business owners can achieve their growth targets within a short time. As a young business person and startup owner himself, Jack knows how important that is.

Overtook Enterprise was Jack’s second company. He began his journey in entrepreneurship in the sneaker reselling industry. His first business was a program that allowed users to purchase limited release Supreme items. The program was so effective that it became the largest followed Supreme bot Twitter account soon after launching. That success opened doors for Jack, who was still a high school student, providing him with experience and initial funding for his next project.

Young as Jack was, it didn’t take him long to identify gaps in the market. The first one was the lack of support for new entrepreneurs within the sneaker reselling industry. Inexperienced and with no money, Jack would have benefitted from some mentorship. Instead, he had to learn everything on his own by reading chats and online forums. Once he was sufficiently equipped, Jack created the sneaker bot and succeeded. He says that’s when he knew he wanted to help others in the same position. Ultimately, he wanted to change the way people are accepted in that community.

Overtook Enterprise was born out of that desire. The brand is currently the largest marketing agency in the sneaker reselling industry. So far, Jack and his team have served 200+ companies in that niche market. Besides running his own successful businesses in the industry, he has also worked with top sneaker reselling and botting companies.

Today, Jack is a far cry from the young man he was a few years ago. Now he is no longer juggling school and a high-stress startup but a respected member of the sneaker resell community. Jack has also honed his business skills and forged lasting connections within his space. He points out that connections are key for any startup, and new business owners shouldn’t ignore them. He adds, “You never know who you will meet and what they can do for you.”

Jack’s ambitions have not diminished. Right now, he is planning to launch a few more projects and companies in the sneaker reselling industry. He will also improve all the products and services he has a vested interest in and maintain his current companies. Later, he plans to expand his marketing company to focus not only on the niche sneaker reselling market but also on other industries.

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