Max Zaharenkov Broadens Young Generations’ Horizons in Digital World Through Engaging Video Content


At 30, Max Zaharenkov is a veteran of the digital world with almost 20 years of content creation under his belt. The “early bird gets the worm” adage applies in full measure to the talented and versatile filmmaker and serial entrepreneur. Max was born in Riga, Latvia, and already knew what he wanted to do in life at the age of ten. His parents helped the young talent thrive by giving him a video camera as a birthday gift. Since then, he has been inseparable from the camera.

His filmmaking career got an early start at school, where he created a TV channel, quite a feat for a teenager. After moving to London to continue his education in international marketing, Zaharenkov undertook several video projects honing his filmmaking skills to perfection. At this point, he decided to focus on comedy content creation gaining popularity with Vine. After the demise of Vine, he migrated to YouTube and Instagram. The real success came after Zaharenkov created a TikTok account in late 2017, where his witty and original content has been gaining traction in step with the platform’s rising popularity. His videos spark curiosity, and the viewers, wanting to do something similar, contact Zaharenkov for more information and eventually sign up for his services. Riding the wave of his growing popularity, Zaharenkov sees his goal in helping Millennials and Gen-Zers discover and monetize their talents through an online presence.

With that in mind, he created a London-based digital agency ZAHARE Media that produces engaging video content. Among its clients are some big brands, celebrities, and several Fortune 500 companies.

Always a team player, Zaharenkov views people as the biggest asset. “Your team is the most important thing you have. With the right people, you can achieve anything. Communicate with your team, motivate them, explain to them what your goals are and they can help you achieve anything,” shares Zaharenkov.

On top of video content creation and filmmaking, Zaharenkov plans to branch out to uncharted territory, thinking of launching a travel podcast. The podcast will feature prominent guests sharing stories of their journeys and paths to success. His next plan is to launch a talent agency with a view to helping people reveal and monetize their talents and potential.

Driven by passion and an insatiable hunger for all new and trendy things from a very young age, Zaharenkov proves once again that constant learning is the basis of a successful business career.  “I am always learning from people and thinking there’s someone out there doing it better than me,” shares he the inner feeling that drives and inspires him. With so many new projects coming, follow Zaharenkov’s progress by visiting his website, Instagramand TikTok.

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