Party in the Metaverse With the Gay Aliens Society NFT’s


There is an iconic scene in the original Independence Day movie. Once the alien ships appear hovering in place over buildings and other sites in major U.S. cities, many people flee the city, but a good number of people throw huge parties in the alien’s favor.

Given the advancements of technology, now, we can party with aliens, without them invading Earth. Specifically, the aliens of the Gay Aliens Society NFT Project, and the parties are huge, plentiful, live, and virtual.

The Gay Aliens Society is the most recent artistic endeavor of celebrity artist Tima Marso. The creative NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of Marso’s project collection are fun, unique, and colorful aliens envisioned by Marso. Each one begins a naked alien body randomly selected from twenty basic bodies designed by Marso. Then, the naked body is dressed, decorated, and assigned a Zodiac sign. It is also given astrological symbols, such as Venus, Rising, Sun, and Moon.

Once a person owns one or more of these alien tokens, he or she is ready to join the party, and parties there are. The collection was soft launched at a Halloween party in Wynwood, Miami. Tima Marso attended the party as one of over 1,000 partygoers.

The official launch party took place during Art Basel in Miami the first week in December. The party was hosted by Jake Resnicow, celebrity host of Dreamland parties, and The party, held at La Rouge Lounge on December 2, 2021, was attended by Marso and celebrities like Jake Resnicow. The aliens were proudly displayed along the walls of the venue.

The next party for the aliens and their friends was a New Year’s Eve party deemed the largest NYE party in America. It was a three-day festival held in five different venues in Miami. Approximately 5,000 people attended the festival, hosted by Tima Marso,, and Jake Resnicow. “I produce events for [the LGBTQ+] community, and I’m really proud we produce some of the biggest Pride festivals in the country,” said Resnicow about the festival focusing on music, entertainment, community, and wellness.

If live parties are not enough excitement, the society also has entered into a partnership with Altar, Inc. and Archstone Entertainment to add some amazing content to their community. Altar has taken technology of both AR (Augmented Reality) and blockchains to create a platform for the Aliens to come to life. Aliens are able to interact with others in their own Metaverse in the Decentraland estate at such virtual venues as an art gallery, a nightclub, sushi bar, and, of course, a movie theater where NFT holders can watch exclusive episodes of Gay Aliens in Metaverse, another brainchild of the projects heads.

Owners of the avatars have the chance for their avatars to star in the television series Gay Aliens in Metaverse produced and distributed by Archstone Entertainment of Hollywood, California. The series will star and guest star the aliens owned by the NFT holders. Avatars chosen for the show get licensing fees, and some are also eligible for royalties and sponsorships. It will be released to cable networks, streaming services, and in the Gay Aliens Metaverse at the movie theater.

Gay Aliens Society has exploded onto the NFT scene. Their extravagant journey is part of the reason why their Instagramconsists of over 57,000 followers. Their Discord is also lively with over 12,000 members, and the wondrous collection is viewable here.

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