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How Romain Prevost, aka Monk, Rebuilt His Life Despite Adversity


A few years back, Romain Prevost, aka Monk, lost everything. He was at a point where nothing seemed to be working out for him, and he was completely broken. From one failed business attempt after another to broken relationships, his dream of becoming financially independent by 30 seemed almost impossible. However, he defied all the odds to rebuild his life, and he is now a celebrated crypto expert.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Orbit, a company redefining the crypto market. Their reserve currency, M31, is crypto developed by the people, for the people and is changing the industry, helping everyone win.

According to Monk, one of the reasons he launched Orbit and Andromeda M31 was to create a more transparent trading environment while making a lasting impact in decentralized finance. He notes that among the many companies and different products in the crypto space, there isn’t one independent “middleman” for traders. With Orbit, he aims to help everyone who gets into crypto benefit and feel like they are part of the community.

Born in France and raised in Berlin from a young age, Monk had a goal to attain financial independence by the time he was 30 years old. At 15, he got his first-ever job in a nearby restaurant, where he worked Saturdays and Sundays. The experience of making his own money inspired him to work harder, and he got another job with a teenage modeling agency. At the time, Monk was also studying for his master’s degree in business management and strategy.

However, Monk’s dream came crumbling down in his teens. He had a rebellious streak, derailing his promising career. Monk was fired from his job and moved from one school to another, which had a great impact on his life.

Looking back, he says he is grateful he realized the problem early on and chose to change. Monk started out on a journey of self-discovery and spent four years meditating with a spiritual group of like-minded souls every day. The experience helped him become better and equally inspired him to share his knowledge with others.

“Failure is fatal if you choose to give up,” says Monk. He notes that life is full of challenges, and things go according to plan every time. Even so, you should never let that stop you from scaling your venture.

Before starting Orbit, Monk had just lost a job in a restaurant that was closed down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. To add to that, he had suffered a loss of $1.5 million after he forgot the private key to his cryptocurrency wallet, but Monk didn’t give up. Through hard work, resilience, and determination, he achieved his dream, making his first million at 29 years old. A few days after launching Orbit, the market capitalization went from $5,000 to $120m, cementing its spot in the market.

As he continues to thrive, Monk proves that nothing is impossible. He says, “Success is dependent on your determination, focus, and resilience.” Despite facing countless challenges and his business failing, Monk did not let that weigh him down. He has now built a flourishing empire.