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Numbers Protocol Is Fighting Copyright Violation Through a Decentralized Ecosystem


Copyright is not just the authentication of a piece of art or the validation of a creator. It is the means of livelihood for artists who work hard to create those unique pieces. Unfortunately, copyright infringement is a common issue with the current internet iteration, which has no feature to store data like creators’ signatures, transfer records, etc.. It is also difficult to determine whether a piece of art is protected by copyright or not. This has led to billions of dollars in losses every day for artists around the world. With the introduction of the new iteration of the Web, Web3, there is a ray of hope to address this problem.

Numbers Protocol, a Web3 based decentralized photo network, ensures transparency in digital media, making the internet safer for creators to upload and share their creations. Numbers Protocol has introduced a set of internet-based tools to accomplish this goal and create a community of mutual value and trust. Today, it is solving the biggest problem of the internet with Capture App. This blockchain camera app allows users to create photos and videos while recording their individual information for authentication.

The Capture app is the first blockchain camera and the primary creation tool of Numbers Protocol. Users can easily register photos and use Web3 applications through this app. Data like creator signatures, ownership records, transfer history, and content provenance of photos can be generated and embedded into each photo. This makes every asset created with Capture App traceable and verifiable. Capture App’s full stack digital content creation process represents the new and comprehensive way of creating traceable and verifiable content with high integrity..

Seal API, another of Numbers Protocol’s tools, is helping brands and developers in implementing rich API settings. These are the friendly interfaces that NumbersProtocol has devised to develop new ecosystem applications. Seal API helps register photos and videos and allows them to be accessed later via Web3.0 addresses and certificates. Numbers Protocol is authenticating art on Web3 through certificates with on-chain provenance.

For creators and artists who want to convert their creations into NFTs, Numbers Protocol has come up with a unique feature. CaptureClub marketplace by Numbers is their native NFT marketplace offering end-to-end authentication for creators. Photo generators and video creators can easily sell or stake their creations on this platform. To take their NFT fidelity to the next level, Numbers Protocol has introduced an NFT search engine, a tool first of its kind on Web3 designed to help users verify the history of NFTs and prevent potential NFT fraud.

Numbers Protocol has already managed a series of accomplishments within a short period of its launch. The platform worked with Reuters to archive the 2020 US election data to address the misinformation problem. Capture App continues to onboard more Web3 network actions and looks to integrate GoPro features soon to bring higher quality digital assets to the Numbers ecosystem.The testing on this feature is being done this year. Going forward, the decentralized photo network will bring more exciting features to make digital media a haven for creators and enable people to think more critically about the use of art online.