3 Best Silver IRA Companies & Custodians 2022: Reviews, Fees, Comparison


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A silver IRA can set you up for life. The ability to roll over your paper money into commodities with a strong market performance will ensure that your savings will be protected if the strength of the dollar gets compromised in the future.

That being said, setting up an IRA is not straightforward. Choosing the best Silver IRA companies will take effort, which is why you’d rather have something that can help you make your choices by laying out the best in the industry right now. This article will help you do just that.

Top 3 Silver IRA Companies at a glance:

  1. Augusta Precious Metals – Best over all silver ira company
  2. Goldco – Best overall customer service for silver ira
  3. American Hartford Gold- Best selection of silver coins, bullion and bars

Silver IRA Company Reviews

1 Augusta Precious Metals (4.9/5 Rating)

This company is currently considered as the best of the best silver IRA companies as it provides perhaps one of the most extensive customer service programs in the industry right now. To put it in other words, setting up an IRA with the company is treated like a life-long relationship.

It also helps that the company is quite known for its transparency. When you plan to buy silver from them, the staff will tell you exactly what you need to know about a certain product before you fork out any amount. They also provide 24/7 call or chat support to address even more specific questions from their clients.

Aside from this, Augusta Precious Metals also provides extensive investor education handled by Harvard-trained experts. It is easy to see, with all of these features, why Augusta was able to receive minimal to no complaints for their services for 10 years since opening.


  • Lifelong Customer Support
  • No complaints at the Better Business Bureau and Business Consumer Alliance
  • 5-Star Review Average among customers
  • High level of transparency
  • Solid Selection of Silver coins and bullion
  • Competitive pricing


  • No online ordering feature provided

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2 Goldco (4.7/5 Rating)

Based in Woodland Hills, California, Gold Precious Metals or Goldco has been in this industry since 2006. What makes it an ideal company to buy silver from is the overall ease of the user experience, and a strong dedication to investor education.

When setting up an IRA with Goldco, you will be given access to education resources, training, and guides. Also, agents in Goldco have been known to go out of their way to explain the buying process for clients.

Gold has a rather high minimum investment of $25,000.00. Also, their selection of bullion is comparatively lacking.

However, this is all offset by the overall user experience, which customers agree to be one of the best. They currently enjoy a Triple A+ rating from the BBB and customer complaints are few and far between.


  • Offers specific IRA for silver
  • Free $10,000 worth in silver for opening an IRA
  • Strong retirement planning services
  • A+ Rating from the BBB


  • Lack of bullion options
  • High minimum recommended investment amount


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3 American Hartford Gold (4.4/5 Rating)

This family-owned company has been in the business of offering gold and silver products to clients in the hopes of helping them diversify their investments. And this is reflected by their sizeable selection of gold and silver products at any given time.

However, where AHG truly shines as one of the best Silver IRA companies is their customer service, which is considered as one of the best in the market. Free guides and extensive investor education are given to clients who set up an IRA account and the agents do explain current prices before a client makes a purchase.

And whenever someone has a legitimate complaint, AHG has been known to respond quickly and come up with a creative solution. It also helps that this support is available 24/7, so you can get the help you need regardless of what time zone you live in.

That being said, you should ask them for their prices when calling as the company does not list the prices for their silver online. However, they do not charge their clients for shipping, insurance, and other fees for maintaining their IRA.

Lastly, the deposit fee with AHG is utterly dependent on what you are willing to invest.


  • Guarantees the buyback option
  • AAA+ rating from the BBB
  • Investor education services
  • 4 to 5-star average rating from customers


  • Pricing is not listed in their online catalog

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Silver IRA: What You Should Know

A silver-based Individual Retirement Account is a specific type of IRA that you can use to invest in precious metals like silver. How they function and must be used is the same as with any standard IRA. The only difference is that they are focused more on physical, metal commodities and not “paper” assets like stocks and bonds.

What makes Silver IRA so appealing is that they allow you to convert your savings into assets that maintain a strong performance regardless of market conditions. Although not a strong performer as gold, silver still maintains a high value in any market. For this reason, a silver IRA gives a better degree of protection of your savings than any other IRA out there.

The only drawback with IRAs is that they are demanding to set up and maintain. The help of the best Silver IRA companies can alleviate much of the problem. This can be done by streamlining the process and providing a bit of leeway for the maintenance costs.

Is Silver a Good Retirement Investment?

The answer to this question, fortunately, is a Yes. What many do not know is that silver outperforms gold in a lot of markets because of its industrial use. As such, silver can perform better than gold regardless of what direction a market takes.

Also, silver is a more attainable commodity than gold. Silver coins can be purchased through the American mint as well as other private or national mints. The commodity can also remain in circulation decades after they are introduced in the market. The best silver IRA companies even offer certain silver coins from different minting periods.

As for pricing, silver commands a value strong enough for a sale but not too expensive to intimidate would-be investors. Thus, you have a commodity that you can buy at a reasonable price, and then watch as its value increases as time passes.

These are just some of the reasons why silver makes for a good option for retirement investing. Whatever the case, the presence of silver commodities in your investment portfolio will provide a strong-enough inflation hedge for your savings.


No Trustworthy silver company will ever rush you to make a decision with setting up an IRA. If they do, find another company.

What to Look for in a Silver Company

Not every silver IRA Company is built the same. Even the best silver IRA companies offer unique sets of perks and features for their clients. However, if there is one thing they all share, it would be some qualities. Here are some of them:

A Desire to Inform

Without a doubt, IRAs can get confusing. The things that you can do or cannot are not easily laid out in some companies. Even the act of becoming eligible for one can feel like a guessing game.

The best silver IRA companies make the information regarding IRAs accessible and easy to understand. They offer educational resources and guides while others set up investor education programs. Either way, you are bound to become more informed with each transaction.

Honest Marketing

A mistake often made by IRA companies is making claims that they cannot support or sustain. For instance, they might promise a return of investment at a rate that is too good to be true.

And then some employ tactics that are downright deceptive and manipulative. One thing that many less-than-reputable companies often do is to use the fear of an impending market crash to push people to set up an IRA. Although silver and gold IRAs can protect savings from bad market downturns, driving up sales through fear is an unfair marketing tactic.

A good silver IRA company can convince clients to set up their IRAs without playing on their fears. By focusing on what these IRAs can offer and not on what might happen if the client does not have one in the future, these companies can build a relationship founded on trust with their client.

A Strong Reputation

One good thing about the precious metals industry is that no unscrupulous company can last long after being exposed. As such, the best silver IRA companies tend to have long lifespans supported by strong customer reviews and ratings from industry authorities like the BBB and the BCA.

For this reason alone, it is recommended that one avoid any company with no reviews or a lot of negative ones. It is even recommended that you do not transact with a company whose origins, company structure, and ownership are not explained to you by the agent in the first few minutes of the initial meeting.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Silver IRA Company

Remember that even the best silver IRA companies have their own set of strengths and qualities that applies only to your situation. To pick the best possible option for your situation, there are a few factors that you have to consider.

Track Record and Reputation of the Company

If you want to know if a company is good, check how compliant they are with state regulations. If they are compliant, authorities on trade like the Better Business Bureau will give them a rating that is A+ and above.

Also, you can take a look at what people are saying about them. Remember that there is no better witness to a company’s quality than the customer that has done business with them before. Take note of the common points being raised by these reviews, as well as their number or star ratings.

Upfront and Reasonable Individual Retirement Account Fees

Even if maintaining an IRA is expensive, there are ways to make the fees more bearable. The best companies out there keep their rates flat, especially for the yearly maintenance fees.

This is because a “scaling” fee system can be easily abused by unscrupulous companies. It’s a telltale sign that they want to siphon off more money from you since they know you can afford to invest such an amount.

Also, the trend with fees is that they increase as the years pass due to the changing market conditions. Whatever the case, a good company will tell you upfront how much it is going to cost you to do business with them.

However, the best silver IRA companies can come up with a truly legitimate scheme to ease up the maintenance costs in the long term. Augusta Precious Metals, for example, will offer to pay up your fees for 10 years at most. Others like Goldco offer a promo like $10,000.00 in silver for opening an IRA.

Silver Storage Safety

Storage is also a crucial concern with precious metals. Some have a comingled setup where your silver will be stored with those from other people in one compartment in a vault. Others offer complete segregation to separate the metals according to their owners.

The segregated storage is most recommended as it allows you to easily identify the coins you purchased, and access them when necessary.

Generous Company Buyback Policies

For those that intend to sell their silver in the future, a silver company should offer the option to buy the metals back. A buyback might sound inconsequential at a glance but it does allow the person to sell their silver immediately at the best possible prices.

Not only is buyback a standard in the best silver IRA companies, but the buyback should also offer an assurance to purchase the silver at their highest current rate. This should maximize your investment and help you get the money you need instantly.

Sincere “Trust Signals” from the Provider

Perhaps the most important quality of the best silver IRA companies is their ability to build trust. There are many ways to build trust like being transparent or providing unique solutions to problems. Either way, a good company must treat its clients with utmost respect, and make sure that their investments count in the long term.

Final Thoughts – The Best Silver IRA Companies

To summarize everything, you are better off with a company that is honest with their charges, always available whenever you need help, and offer competitive prices and fees. For this reason, we recommend Augusta Precious Metals as the best company to buy precious metals from.

Their competitive prices and reasonable fees are already strong qualities. However, it is their commitment to making you a better investor through their services that lets them stand out from the competition. Also, the fees are quite reasonable with solutions that allow you to save money on maintenance.

After all, maintaining an IRA is an expensive lifelong activity. You might as well do business with a company that knows what they are doing, and one that you can trust.

“Paper is poverty. It is the ghost of money and not money itself”

-Thomas Jefferson