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How Niko Larn is Taking Esports by Storm


Despite the world’s issues, the Esports business has been steady. Global investors, corporations, news sources, and users are concentrating on esports’ surge in popularity as professional video games become more integrated into popular culture.

Niko Larn is a gaming industry stakeholder driving change in the space. The experienced gaming video creator and gamer is taking the Esports industry by storm with his authentic, thrilling, and entertaining gaming concepts. Niko has worked and partnered with other notable personalities and brands, including atwitch streamer with over 440k followers.

Twitch has been an integral platform for Niko, helping get thousands of gaming enthusiasts onboard his games. For instance, you can easily create a Riot account, link it to your Twitch, and get access to watch Twitch streamers. You can get an invite to the Beta if you watch a streamer play Valorant with drops enabled. The more you watch, the more likely you are to have a chance to sign up.

“I have criticized 24/7 VODs myself, but then just went with the popular mantra of ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’. Why should my brand be exposed to the Valorant category only for 8 hours a day while others are exposed for 24 hours a day? If the viewers don’t mind it being that way, why should I? What I’m doing is not a long-term solution. It’s just short-term exposure and a ‘harvest’ of potential new followers.” Niko explains.

A game-changer, Niko has dedicated his time and resources to bringing change to the Esports community. He estimates that he lives a normal life for about 50 percent of the time, after which he runs VODs of old gameplay. Even then, he says he often naps in his chair and wakes up regularly so he can reply to people’s questions in chat. In addition, Niko is also considering collaborating with a designer to jazz up the VOD portion of his stream and give it some production flair.

The long-term objective is to revolutionize the industry and leave a mark as one of the greats to grace the industry.

“In the long run, I see this all being worthwhile because I can confidently say that I play this game and will play this game on a higher level than a bunch of these 24/7 streams, so why miss out on the opportunity to reach as big of an audience right now?” adds Niko.

If you wish to join the Valorant Beta, you should start watching now. Regrettably, only United States, Russia, Turkey, Europe, and Canadian citizens are permitted to participate. It’s also important to note that any progress achieved during the closed beta will not be carried over to the full release. You can, however, acquire Valorant Points to make premium purchases, and those points will be returned once the game is fully released.

Niko continues to engage in active projects to develop more exciting products. There is so much underlying potential for the Esports sector and one which he envisions to continue exploiting.