A Closer Look at the Tenset Gem Launch Platform Projects  


Tenset has now been around for a year, and during that time, it has helped several excellent projects. This is primarily done through the Tenset Gem Launch Program (TGLP).

As a refresher, the TGLP lists the top projects on the market, supporting both the projects and the Tenset portfolio. It also lets Tenset token holders participate in these projects with ease and transparency.

The various projects Tenset supported on its launch platform so far have done well, highlighting the expertise of all parties involved. Take a closer look at these projects.

How Tenset Chooses the Projects

Before exploring the projects themselves, it’s important to note that the TGLP only lists a handful of projects every year. That is because the Tenset team carefully evaluates each project before listing it. The projects must cooperate together and be part of an ecosystem, which is the goal of Tenset. Each project goes through long negotiations, business model evaluations, and due diligence before joining the launch platform. 


Metahero is best known for its futuristic, advanced photogrammetric metascanner. This metascanner serves as the gateway to access the metaverse.

In addition to including Metahero as a Gem on its launch platform, Tenset has created a long-term partnership with the project.

The native token of this platform is HERO. Its initial price was $0.0015. It has already had 17,000% gains to an all-time high of $0.255.

Kanga Exchange

Kanga is a crypto-friendly exchange that stands out for its anonymity. It lets account holders easily transfer fiat into crypto. The project has now opened more than 350 physical stores in eight countries. This has given more than 250,000,000 people in Europe access to the ability to buy crypto without KYC requirements.

The promise of this project has led Tenset to list it for over two years on the TGLP. Tenset also created a special sale and deal for token holders.

The project’s native token in KNG. Its presale price in 2018 was $1 and its initial price was $2. Given the all-time high of $35, this is a 3,500% gain since the presale and a 1,750% gain since the initial price.


Everdome is the most recent Tenset Gem, and it recently debuted on exchanges. It will be the destination for the Metahero tech. It essentially takes the Metahero tech and uses it to create a full web3 experience.

The initial price of the DOME token was $0.001. The all-time high was $0.090. This represents gains of 9,000%.


Between Metahero, Kanga, and Everdome, Tenset has already highlighted several excellent projects on its TGLP. Each project has already proven itself and Tenset expects great things to come.