Become a Virtual K-Pop Star With Seoul Stars NFT


With the widespread popularity of social media platforms, the world has become a global village. You can easily have a real-time chat with anyone from any geographical location provided they have internet access. More importantly, it has become easy to share or learn from your mentors even if you have never met them.

The pop group Seoul stars shares their experience with fans worldwide with their new NFT collection. Seoul Stars is a new K-pop-inspired game that rewards players through a unique “Sing-To-Earn” concept.

They recently announced that it would be present at the 9th annual Global Blockchain Congress (GBC) in Dubai on February 21st and 22nd. This comes before the company’s planned $SSTAR governance token IDO. Seoul Stars is the second project designed by Catheon Gaming, a Blockchain Games publisher whose flagship game, SolChicks, is releasing a mini-game in March ahead of its alpha game release in April. Korean popular music has become a worldwide sensation.

According to a recent poll, 39% of people think K-pop is popular in their country. In the previous 12 months, album sales have increased by 37.5%, and bands like BTS now have millions of faithful fans all over the world. K-pop is already one of South Korea’s most popular forms of entertainment.

Catheon Gaming is the world’s fastest-growing blockchain gaming and entertainment firm. SolChicks, the company’s flagship game, has received more than $55 million in funding from various venture capitalists, institutions, and launchpad partners. Catheon Gaming is revolutionizing the gaming ecosystem by providing gamers with opportunities to monetize their time and efforts, as well as interoperability of earned assets, thanks to blockchain technology and a team of diverse global talent from Google, Meta, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Equinex, Binance, and NVIDIA, among others.

Seoul Stars’ mission is to give an authentic K-pop experience to fans and gamers worldwide. Like previous music-themed games, such as the popular Rock Band series or Dance Dance Revolution, the game casts the player in the role of a new star in the K-pop world who builds their career by singing and going through numerous tasks. Seoul Stars collaborated with HUMAP, one of Korea’s biggest talent agencies, and Tommy Lee, a well-known song producer, to make the game authentic.

Seoul Stars also brings something truly unique to the table in the form of Yuna, a virtual idol that will work within the Seoul Stars’ expanding Metaverse. Yuna will exist both within the game and outside of it in the Metaverse. Yuna has already released two tracks, with more on the way. The original collected works will be released as an NFT, in keeping with the game’s origins. As the game develops, there will be options for online concerts, NFT album sales, and possible collaborations with other Metaverse platforms.

The Seoul Stars team will be in Dubai for the GBC and supporting Catheon Gaming’s appearance at Superverse. In addition, the team welcomes interested parties to reach out via email to arrange to meet the team or to contact them at either of the events.