Senshi: The Revolutionary NFT Project Launching Mid-2022


All cryptocurrencies and NFTs are constructed on blockchain technology. All activities are processed to make it difficult to alter, hack, or cheat the system. It is also decentralized, meaning that governance and decision-making transfer from a central system, such as an individual, organization, or group, to a global network. This ground-breaking technology emphasizes transparency and accountability and gives people control over their data.

These distributed ledgers can enable new business activities that were previously impossible because they remove intermediaries and untrustworthy parties from computer networks. People who believe in the future of digital currencies will find this prospect enticing as an investment. Investing in crypto promises an opportunity for people who believe in the promise to make large profits while also helping to shape the future of technology. In contrast, NFTs are cryptocurrency assets in which each item, or token, is completely unique.

Senshi is an NFT project expected to be launched by June 2022. Senshi is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is home to 5,555 3D NFTs, with each having its unique properties. They have managed to build a vast network of followers on social media platforms, which has helped build lots of hype surrounding the project and subsequently has expanded their community. An innovative product, Senshi takes pride in being the home to some top personalities, including amazing artists. The goal is to have a long-term roadmap benefiting all project holders.

Though it’s yet to be launched, Senshi is already building an expansive community with over 10,000 followers on Twitter within the first week of being on the platform. The Senshi team has also collaborated with established projects such as SoulZ, C01, and many others. In addition, they have also been able to build a great, active community in such a short period of time.

The NFT space is considered a complex space but not for the creative Senshi team. They have had quite a smooth run so far, with few major issues. However, they faced some minor challenges in the form of confusion when launching, where the community thought one of the Senshi advertisement images was one of their official NFTs. Incredibly, the situation was resolved easily by making it clear to the community that they were for advertisement purposes and have stopped posting advertisements that look a bit too different from the official NFT.

“All founders of the project are very young for the position we are in, all within the 18-20 range. We also had not much crypto experience prior to coming into NFTs, so within this short amount of time we have become very familiar with the space and how communities work. All founders of the project also currently own their own NFT marketing agency, which is currently very successful,” explains one of the team members.

Moving forward, the Senshi team aspires to keep growing and change the space. The goal is to have some of the best utility with real-life uses, not just a useless picture on the blockchain. Also, giving back to the community as much as possible through more collections and big giveaways remains to be a significant part of their mission.