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How Blockchain-Based Ecosystem KunciCoin Is Changing the Game


Blockchain has undoubtedly changed the world, from how we work and make transactions to how we carry out our day-to-day activities. But can we say we have reached the peak yet? It has helped eliminate the inefficiencies of centralized systems, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that there is more to the industry than that as it continues to evolve.

Different players in the industry are also developing mind-blowing projects that are changing the game, like KunciCoin. One of Indonesia’s most powerful blockchain-based ecosystems, KunciCoin is a project built to solve real-world problems using blockchain technology to change the way investors live and enjoy their lives. How are they changing the game and standing out amongst the competition, though?

Their Team Is Connected and Experienced

Sometimes, an NFT project is only as strong as the team that created it. KunciCoin is no exception. The ambitious developers behind KunciCoin work endlessly behind the scenes, making sure that everything is of top-tier quality.

Not only do the developers work on the technical side of the project, but in promoting it as well. They strengthen their social media channels, ensure that the messages are reaching the right audiences, and strategically advertise to increase visibility of the project.

They Have Strong Partnerships

Having been in the crypto market for years, KunciCoin’s creator, Joko Crypto, and his partner, Julius A.S., are leveraging their experience to change the marketplace and build a limitless space. They have partnered with PancakeSwap, CoinMarketCap, BKEX, Hotbit, Indodax, CoinTiger, BitForex,, and MEXC, and KunciCoin is expected to be listed soon on ProBit,, and LBank.

They’re Fast

KunciCoin uses Solana’s open-source platform, making it one of the fastest and cheapest blockchains. It has the ability to process over 50,000 transactions per second while offering flexible avenues that support crypto applications with real-life utilities. These include in-game transactions for AAA Metaverse, a licensed payment gateway, and a membership function in the hospitality industry.

They’re Decentralized

According to Joko Crypto, the mysterious masked man behind KunciCoin, their goal is to redefine the entrepreneurial space by leveraging blockchain technology. “A major challenge with a centralized database system is that it’s more vulnerable to hacking, which is a huge inconvenience to the business owners,” says Joko.

He explains that this is because all the data is stored in a centralized location, which often affects performance. However, with a decentralized database system, there are few limitations, creating a safer business environment and allowing investors to explore beyond their comfort zones.

They’re Impacting the Gaming Industry

They have a virtual reality company in Indonesia, OmniVR, which is focused on developing and distributing VR content, including the Metaverse. This is changing the gaming industry, so anyone who is a KunciCoin holder can enjoy a variety of AAA games. The games will be played on a personal computer with KunciCoinas a means of completing in-game transactions.

As they continue to expand, KunciCoin is making room for more opportunities by providing solutions to real-life problems. Their blockchain-based ecosystem is changing the game and supporting those in the crypto and NFT space.