Entrepreneur and Investor, Mark Evans DM, Makes the Most of Today’s Remote World


In today’s world of business, being able to juggle multiple passions and pursuits in order to produce a return has never been more feasible. This is because the digital sphere allows one to explore the multiple channels and gateways there are in different realms of business, as it makes way for new connections and opportunities. With 62.5 percent of the world’s population being on the Internet, the entrepreneurial reach has not only expanded in terms of audience, but also in capability. Moreover, there has never been more access to information as there is today. This allows for better market research, as well as audience research. It also makes collaborating with people much more effective and efficient. According to a recent Forbes article, “Not only does the online experience create employment, but it also allows business people to form connections, and from the comfort of their homes.”

Therefore, with the risks lower and the potential higher, it is no wonder people are taking advantage of today’s economic and professional environment. Someone who is very much in tune with the advantages of using the online world to one’s benefit, as well as others, is Mark Evans DM. As an entrepreneur and investor, he has taken part in real estate investing, the media space, Ecommerce, the Data space, and many other franchises he partners in. He has gathered a multi-million-dollar portfolio that stretches to the many growing areas of business. Moreover, he has continuously shared the ways in which he got there through books, podcasts, and social media. He is passionate about his mentorship towards other business owners that strive to reach the same.

However, he did not come from a cushioned background, nor made his way up easy. What pushed him was knowing that he “never wanted to work for anyone,” and that making money would give him the options and freedoms he desired. He had a determined mindset and a  hard-working attitude, in which he went by the advice: “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.” Having this mentality, along with being motivated by his family, he strove for the type of success that would support the lifestyle he desired. To him, “if the business doesn’t align with [his] lifestyle, [he won’t] do it.”

After 26 years of experience, there are countless people and connections he has worked with along the way. He has also encountered countless challenges and obstacles, in which he overcomes by “acknowledging them and addressing them.” He makes sure to always keep moving forward because he finds progress in each problem he may come across. As he does so, he prioritizes the connections he makes with people. That is because his work is meant to reflect that of a ‘relationship company not transactional,’ aiming to “change peoples lives with mindset and cashflow.” This is also present with his continuous work with charity funds and organizations in order to fund and help those less fortunate.

Having that passion for people has shaped the perspective Evans DM has on his family and career. His family motivates him to expand what it means to have remote work, as the flexibility and independence makes all the difference in his personal and daily life. Furthermore, he is passionate in sharing his journey, mindset, and actions that led to where he is today both professionally and mentally. To further explore Evans DM, visit his website and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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