KISS PR Press Release Distribution CEO Qamar Zaman Interviewed on Entrepreneur Magazine Podcast Action and Ambition. 


He was given $150 by his father when he turned 21 and has been spending it ever since. You must listen to the podcast in order to understand the context.

Qamar Zaman, KISS PR Brand Story’s CEO, was interviewed by Phillip Lanos the Host of Entrepreneur Magazine podcast Action and Ambition.

Episode 770: Qamar Zaman On Finding The Inner Strength To Keep You Moving

On Action and Ambition podcast on Zaman expressed his enormous ambition to democratize narrative telling so that as many firms as possible may tell their tale. “We’ve been developing ZZKIR ℠, our product suite, since 2019 and have tested it in several verticals for over a year to make storytelling simple and cost-effective.”

For over 20 years, our company’s focus has been building cost-effective press release distribution and storytelling services for social media and public relations with unparalleled quality, and their customer’s success has allowed his company to become the preferred choice of small business owners around the world.

Zaman has also opened up about a childhood story not many people have known about during the podcast interview.

Many people have already known his story about surviving a category six hurricane, but very few have known about his childhood disability.

When he was a toddler, Zaman had polio but had miraculously recovered after a road accident that left him with a burnt scar on his arm.

When asked if he is given a chance to choose to sit with someone during the podcast interview, Zaman said that it would be his dad. His father, a professional banker, has influenced him to start a PR business.

For those interested in listening to the entire podcast episode, it can be accessed here.

Episode 770: Qamar Zaman On Finding The Inner Strength To Keep You Moving

About Action and Ambition Podcast

Action and Ambition podcast is a new series hosted by Phillip Lanos on Each episode features the world’s most ambitious people, wherein the host goes behind the scenes to learn their backstories, mindsets, and actions.

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A website design, marketing, and public relations (PR) agency, KISS PR brings brands to life through storytelling. By combining search engine optimization (SEO), KISS PR developed a proven formula to earn expertise, authority, and trust in the eyes of search engines. Add social media management to the formula and brands have access to the full spectrum of ZZKIR ℠ marketing services. With 25 years experience in the industry, KISS PR provides companies with trusted solutions tailored to their needs.

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Qamar Zaman is an American Tech Entrepreneur set to democratize brand storytelling.  He is the technologist and founder of Brand Story.

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