Digital Assets Pioneer Andrew Rosener Is Upending the NFT Music Space


The origin of digital assets can be traced back to the inception of domain names. Personalized and branded domains have introduced the concept of real estate into the internet space, building the backbone of what we at present call the digital economy. Andrew Rosener is a pioneer in digital assets with over 25 years of experience, starting with the realm of domain names. He has built the top domain name brokerage firm in the World, assisting the top companies, entrepreneurs & investors to buy and sell highly valuable internet real estate. He calls his team the “Seal Team 6” of domain names. Now, this digital asset veteran is set to storm the NFT space.

Rosener has been behind some of the largest domain sales in internet history. The list includes for Amazon, for Elon Musk, for ZOOM, for Galaxy Digital, for Republic, for Swan Bitcoin, for Restoration Hardware, for Transfer Wise, and many more. So far, he has grossed a staggering 9 figures through domain sales, which is commendable and unique.

He is the pioneer behind taking domain names from private to public. The journey was not easy, and it took him almost three years, working with to get the SEC to approve domain names as an asset class. The experience also led him to be a pioneer in several other digital assets. For instance, he invested in Bitcoin in 2011 after one of his domain name clients told him about the emerging crypto currency. He ventured into Ethereum in 2015, and decided to step into the NFT space in 2018 with investments into NFT platforms such as Cryptograph as well as the acquisition and later sale of the coveted domain name. Being a pioneer in ermerging technology isn’t easy, but it helps him gain insight into innovation and development in that field while also growing with it.

In 2021, Andrew acquired many Bored Ape characters form the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project. With his intellectual property background, he understand that by giving away the commercial rights to these characters,  it opened up incredible commercial opportunities that would compound with thousands of individual owners utilizing their apes and raising the overall brand awareness and network effect. With that in mind, he and his COO, and former rapper, Jonathan Tenenbaum, started a new venture by co-founding the first metaverse record label, Ape-In Productions (“AIP”) in partnership with Timbaland, resulting in the first NFT-based hip-hop group named The Zoo, a proof of concept. This project is a means for Andrew and his partners to prove that 2D NFT characters can become celebrities in their own right by acting as a proxy or front for unknown or up and coming artists, while promising good returns for investors and stake holders. So far, Ape-In has released two original music tracks, sold exclusively as NFT’s, and released a one of a kind fully animated music video for their first track called ApeSh!t, that seemingly brings those characters to life.

Today, the apes from Ape-In Productions have a huge fan following and growing. It is successfully generating sustainable revenue and income for the artists and producers. Besides running a profitable NFT project, Andrew is still the number one domain broker in the world.

Throughout his career, Andrew has been at the tip of the spear in the digital asset realm and will continue to be so in the coming years. He is leveraging his experience to add value in the NFT space through Ape-In Productions, domain names by growing the pie through public domain offerings and in other areas where he has influence, such as the legal cannabis industry through the media platform he co-founded,

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