10 Best Ebony OnlyFans of 2022 (Black Girls OnlyFans)

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If you think diversity is our strength, you will find a lot to love on the OnlyFans platform. From the very beginning the OnlyFans universe was a warm and welcoming place, a safe space where current and former porn stars could share their favorite clips, where loving couples could show off their bedroom prowess, where celebrities could upload (and profit from) their homemade sex tapes and where creators as diverse as singer/songwriters, dancers, chefs and yoga instructors could present their skills and make some money in the process.

Another thing that is great about the OnlyFans platform is the large number of people of color represented on the site. The OnlyFans universe is truly a rainbow, with men and women of all colors, shapes, sizes, races and walks of life. You can find nurses, teachers and lots of other folks on here, all sharing their content with the world in exchange for a small subscription fee. You can also find a stunning array of African American and other ebony beauties, all waiting for you to discover them and their talents.

The universe of ebony OnlyFans talent is so wide and content pool so deep, that finding and naming the 10 best accounts was not an easy task. With so many accounts to choose from, we had our work cut out for us, but this is one research project we approached with relish. Now that we are done, we are here to present the results, so without further ado here are our choices for the 10 best ebony OnlyFans accounts. Some of these ebony onlyfans accounts have been around almost since the beginning, while others are relative newcomers to the site. What they all have in common, however, is their hotness, and we think you will agree these luscious ladies are indeed the best of the best.

Best OnlyFans Girls: Featured This Month

Best Black & Ebony OnlyFans Accounts of 2022

#1. Cardi B – Best Celebrity Account

How could we possibly resist naming Cardi B the best celebrity, and the best ebony OnlyFans girl overall? When this hot lady took to the platform, she created a true internet sensation. Fans and followers from across the internet could not wait to sign up, and this wild celebrity has certainly not disappointed.

It is not lost on us, or the wider community of adult content creators, that Cardi B is perhaps best known for her song WAP – a fun acronym for wet ass pussy. Now that she is firmly ensconced on the OnlyFans site, Cardi B is free to let it all hang out, and she is doing just that – much to the delight of her viewers from around the world. The best ebony onlyfans accounts all have a few things in common, from the hotness of their content to the beauty of their creators. Even so, only one can come out on top, and in our case the winner is the funny, smart and incomparable Cardi B.

#2. Clara Candy – Sweetest OnlyFans Beauty


If you have a taste for something sweet, the lovely Clara Candy has you covered, so open your mouth, lick your lips and get ready to taste something great. When you get a look at this hot ebony princess, you will be overcome with a desire to lick her from the top of her head to her intensely suckable toes. As one of the best black onlyfans girls on the platform, this amazing lady is sure to feed your fantasies and keep you up late into the night.

You may not be able to indulge your tasting desires in person, but you can do the next best thing when you see this hot young lady in action. Clara Candy is certainly well named, and that is why we have named her the sweetest of the ebony OnlyFans girls on the site. 

#3. Veronica Glasses – Hottest Custom Work


One of the great things about the OnlyFans platform is its high level of interactivity. You can watch girls fuck and suck on any old porn site, but OnlyFans allows you to interact with those porn princes and princesses. The chance to chat with the folks you view through a masturbatory gaze is certainly one of the biggest selling points of OnlyFans, but not all content creators on the site are open to custom jobs or that high level of fan interaction. 

Veronica Glasses is a notable exception, and it is her willingness to go above and beyond the ordinary that has earned her a spot on our list of top 10 ebony OnlyFans accounts. Veronica loves to do custom work, and she is always ready to help her subscribers live out their wildest and wettest fantasies. No request is too off the wall, too kinky or too out there to be considered, so sign up, hit her up and see what she is up for.

#4. Anne Moore – Best Boobs

If you are a dedicated tit man (or woman), you will want to check out the amazing Anne Moore. This lovely ebony lass sports a luscious pair of boobies, and she loves showing them off to her growing legion of subscribers. As one of the top ebony only fans on the platform, this lovely lady is committed to her art, and to developing her already impressive erotic skills.  

Anne Moore may have been blessed by nature with a wonderful set of knockers, but she is not resting on her laurels or taking anything for granted. A self described workout enthusiast, the owner of one of the best ebony OnlyFans accounts works very hard to keep those tatas in tip top shape, so you, and she, can continue to enjoy them for a long, long time.

#5. Aria Jayde – Most Varied Content


Let’s face it – some of the girls on the OnyFans platform are pretty boring. They post a few amateur videos or a few pornographic images and call it a day. Others post the same type of content over and over again, so much so that their subscribers quickly grow bored and seek greener, and hotter, pastures. If there is one thing the top ebony onlyfans all have in common, it is a deep understanding of what their viewers want, and that often means they post not only frequently but variably as well.

Aria Jayde is clearly not making that mistake, and none of her subscribers are growing bored and heading for the exits. Instead they are tuning in day after day, anxious to see what type of content she is uploading now. The winner for best and most varied content is proud to show off her versatility, and her fans cannot wait to see what kind of kink or sexual exploration she will try out next.

#6. Blac Chyna – Most Anticipated

When the stunning Blac Chyna first announced that she was joining the OnlyFans platform, many long time fans thought the news was too good to be true. Some even claimed the announcement was a prank, or an ill advised publicity stunt. In the vast world of black girls onlyfans, it does not get any better than the one of a kind Blac Chyna.

Now that Blac Chyna has proved the naysayers wrong, she has established a strong presence on the platform, and she has clearly earned her place on our top 10 list of ebony OnlyFans account holders. This lovely ebony lass loves to post and she enjoys interacting with her fans, followers and subscribers. Why not make this the year you sign up for a subscription – you will not be disappointed.

#7. Charlotte Lavish – Richest Content

When your last name is lavish, you better bring the goods, and this appropriately named ebony princess certainly has. Charlotte Lavish has been making waves, and pleasing viewers, since she first opened her account, and now it is your turn to sign up and check it out. 

In her time on the OnlyFans platform, Charlotte Lavish has populated her page with a stunningly vast array of content. If you are hungry for hot fucking and sucking action, you will find plenty of hard core videos on the site. If you like your erotica understated, you can find that soft core content as well. No matter what you are up for, the lovely Charlotte has it going on, so why not take a look and satisfy your curiosity?

#8. Sweet BB Honey – Best Costume Gal

You may have noticed that many of the girls on the OnlyFans platform prefer their birthday suits to all other outfits. And while we are certainly not against a little (or a lot) of nudity, we also know that sometimes a hot outfit is actually better, and more erotic, than wearing nothing at all.

If you are looking for a gal who can pull off, and take off, any outfit, the fittingly named Sweet BB Honey has you covered. This ebony princess loves to play dress up, even if that dressing up is of the distinctly adult and erotic variety. Just stop by to see what she is wearing today – you will certainly not be disappointed.

#9. Ana Foxxx – Best Blowjobs

There is plenty of fucking on the OnlyFans platform, and lots of sexual talent on our top 10 list. But sometimes all you want is a killer blowjob, and when you do you turn to the enormously talented Ana Foxxx. The three Xs in the screen name should clue you in – this hot young lady has the oral skills needed to send her lucky partners into orbit.

We do not want you to take our word for it – Ana Foxx is an actual award winning cocksucker, and she is ready to feed your fantasies and leave you drained and satisfied. No less an entity than the Xbiz Awards presented Ana with the title of Favorite Sex Scene at their awards, so you now that you will be seeing real talent when you tune in to watch her suck on those hot cocks.

#10. Cherokeedass – Hottest Ass

We know you tuned into the list because you love ebony skin, and you will find plenty of that skin when you check out the great Cherokeedass. In case the screen name did not already give it away, this amazing lady made our list based mostly on that luscious and highly lickable booty, and that ass is truly hard to miss.

If you are an ass man, you will not be able to look away, and when you sign up for a subscription you will not have to. This gal clearly has it going on, and she has fucked, sucked and sidled her way to an enormously successful presence on the OnlyFans platform.


Ever since the site launched nearly a decade ago, the OnlyFans platform has been a robust, multicultural and decidedly multifaceted and multihued platform. In many ways the diversity represented by the best OnlyFans girls and guys is a microcosm of the world at large, but in terms of representation the site is often a leader, not a follower.

When you check out the OnlyFans creators, you might find a chick with an enormous dick – the trans community is well represented here. If you like your girls dark, exotic and sultrily sexual, you can find some amazing Indian gals to set your heart racing and ultimately get you off. If you want to see a tiny Asian princess fuck and suck her way across the internet, you can find that in abundance as well.

Simply put, the number of people of color represented on the OnlyFans platform is vast indeed, and that includes the ebony beauties we have profiled in this piece. There are of course many more African American ladies than we could fit onto a single top 10 list, and we may need to revisit the subject at a later time.

 For now, however, we invite you to sit back, relax and do some exploring of your own. You may already be familiar with some of the ladies on our list, including the major celebrities we have profiled. Maybe others will come as a surprise, and you will get some fresh wanking material to keep you up at night. No matter what you are sure to have a great time, so we invite you to have a look around.