Research Warrant Founder Ahmad Taher on The Challenges and Rewards of Building His Business


Ahmad Taher grew up in the South Suburbs of Chicago in a poor household. After working to earn a full ride to college, he soon realized that his passions and dreams did not lay in bioengineering and premed but in the music industry. Following a move to Los Angeles, he established a marketing agency called Research Warrant and built a seven-figure business in about three years.

Starting a business from the ground up and building one’s own network of connections in an industry is incredibly difficult. Recently, Ahmad touched on the struggles he has faced over the last few years. He explains, “There are so many trials and tribulations involved with chasing your dreams. There were days I couldn’t feed myself, but I was convinced that I was going to make it and kept going. I had my mother breaking down to me on the phone regularly for leaving a full ride in college. Being an entrepreneur, you have to have tunnel vision and lose and outgrow a lot of relationships.” Determination, dedication, and the everyday action of showing up have taken Ahmad to the forefront of the industry and allowed him to be involved in massive record deals and work with artists from Lil Baby and Lil Durk to Alicia Keyes and $uicideboy$.

Looking back on his young yet successful career, Ahmad reflected on the satisfaction and reward he now finds in his work, saying, “I love watching the songs that I’m involved in connect with people. We use really innovative marketing strategies to get people to discover new music. When we roll something out, and it does well from a data standpoint, that’s satisfying, of course, but when I’m out or with my friends, and I see a song that I was involved in connect with someone, it makes me unbelievably happy.” In the coming months, Research Warrant is looking to bring some exciting talent into the industry and finish up some large partnerships that will set his company up for the future.

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