Best Male Enhancement Pills: Top-Rated Sex Pills That Work for Men


Do you struggle to maintain the level of erection you want? Have you noticed a loss of interest in sex in general? Are you feeling more tired and irritable throughout the day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are a boost to your testosterone could be what you need to restore your manhood. It’s perfectly natural to have these feelings as you age. And because the loss of “manhood” with time happens, many male enhancement pills have surfaced as a response.

The challenging thing with choosing the best male enhancement pills for you is finding out which ones are legit, effective, and safe for your body. Fortunately, we’ve done all the groundwork for you. We’ve researched and will share the top 11 male enhancement pills available today.

Erectin made #1 on our list, but other quality options are available for whatever you may be looking for. But first off:

Do You Need A Male Enhancement Pill?

Before we get right into the list, let’s first find out if a male enhancement pill is what you’re looking for. A good male enhancement pill will boost testosterone and help your body bring your sex hormones to a sustainable and balanced level. Some common symptoms of imbalanced sex hormones are:

  • A low, or declining, sex drive
  • Difficulty maintaining erections
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Trouble building muscle
  • Fatigue and low energy levels
  • Irritability and moodiness
  • Depression
  • Low self-confidence

These are just a few of the signs of imbalanced hormones. If you struggle with these symptoms, it might be time to find the best male enhancement supplement for your body.

Many men looking for a male enhancement supplement want to add an extra kick to their sex life with a harder erection. But that isn’t the only way a male enhancement can help. By balancing hormones, adding testosterone, or just giving your body the nutrients it needs, male enhancement supplements can improve many different areas of your life and your bedroom escapades.

What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

Male enhancement is a broad term for improving a man’s sex life. It might be through better orgasms, increasing testosterone levels, or improving overall quality by balancing all sex hormones.

An effective male enhancement pill has the power to give you bigger and harder erections, higher energy levels throughout the day, and better gains from routine gym workouts, among many other benefits.

We will talk about the 11 best male enhancement pills currently. These supplements give steal-like erections, stronger orgasms, and more enjoyable sex. You can decide which formula might be most beneficial for your lifestyle.

The Top 11 Best Male Enhancement Pills in 2022

  • Erectin
  • VigRX Plus
  • Testodren
  • Semenax
  • Volume Pills
  • ProSolution Plus
  • ExtenZe
  • ProSolution Pills
  • VigRX Nitric Oxide
  • VigRX Tongkat Ali
  • MagnaRX


Erectin is our #1 pick for the best male enhancement pill because of the clinically-proven results and double absorption method. Erectin uses all-natural ingredients to skyrocket your sex life with rock-hard erections that last longer, boost your sex drive, intensify orgasms, and increase the ability to penetrate your partner.

Erectin allows you to have the sex life of your 20’s again at a relatively accessible price. This is the male enhancement if you’re after harder and better erections that lead to maximize satisfaction for you and your partner.

Advantages of Erectin

  • A clinically proven formula guarantees an immense boost to your sex life.
  • All-natural ingredients that require no prescription or doctor’s visits
  • No adverse side effects.
  • Top doctors in the field endorse it.
  • Advanced absorption technology allows you to take in all the beneficial ingredients.
  • Rapid released liquid gel capsules lead to faster results.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • cGMP Certified.

Disadvantages of Erectin

  • High-quality ingredients mean a slightly higher price tag.
  • Must order directly from the website for a money-back guarantee and free shipping offers.

Why Erectin Is #1 On Our List

Erectin has a long list of advantages over other male enhancement supplements. Erectin uses all-natural ingredients collected from all over the world. Together they work to balance hormone levels and increase blood flow directly to the penis, resulting in more frequent rock-hard erections and increased sex drive.

Erectin also uses a double absorption technology, which means they use top products to enhance the number of essential nutrients your body takes. This increases the effectiveness of the supplement immensely. You can’t benefit from a supplement if your body isn’t absorbing its nutrients. This is not something to ever worry about with the double absorption technology found in Erectin.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is a male enhancement supplement that targets blood flow levels in your genitals. With some help from this supplement, you can get and maintain bigger, harder erections.

This is another top supplement that has powerful results. If you are looking for firmer erections, increased sexual drive, better control over your erections, and an overall increase in satisfaction for both you and your partner – VigRX Plus is an excellent option for you.

Advantages of VigRX Plus

  • Scientifically engineered formula to enhance blood flow
  • All-natural ingredients mean no prescription is necessary.
  • No adverse side effects.
  • Includes Bioperine in the formula for optimal absorption levels
  • Top doctors endorse it.
  • Positive reviews and testimonials from all over the world
  • 100%oney-back guarantee.
  • cGMP Certified.

Disadvantages of VigRX Plus

  • It may take up to 30-60 days to notice results.
  • Must order from their official website to receive the money-back guarantee and promotional offers.

Why VigRX Plus Made The List

While VigRX Plus didn’t quite make our #1 spot, it comes in at a close second. This supplement has a powerful formula that focuses on increased nitric oxide levels for better blood flow and includes a list of aphrodisiac ingredients that can naturally boost testosterone levels.

VigRX Plus made our list because of its effectiveness in producing bigger, harder erections. You’ll see many positive benefits from this supplement, but the most noticeable will undoubtedly be the significant gains made in the sack. The improved blood flow, along with Bioperine to increase your absorption of the essential nutrients, will result in an erection as you’ve never experienced before. You and your lady won’t be disappointed.


Testodren is a little different from the previous two supplements on the list. Testodren is a single-ingredient supplement that focuses on boosting overall testosterone levels in men.

Testosterone has a critical role in your sex life. If you are low on testosterone, you will slowly lose interest in sex, struggle to keep off excess weight, and maybe feel sluggish and tired throughout the day.

With this T-booster, you won’t just notice a drastic improvement in your sex life, but you’ll also see better gym results, more daily energy, and more stable moods. Having low testosterone can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. If you think you might be suffering symptoms of low testosterone levels, this is a great option.

Advantages of Testodren

  • Single-ingredient, effective formula
  • No adverse side effects.
  • Naturally increases total testosterone levels.
  • 67-day money-back guarantee.
  • cGMP Certified.

Disadvantages of Testodren

  • Primarily targets issues associated with low testosterone levels.
  • Relatively new product on the market

Why Testodren Made The List

Testodren is a straightforward formula. It is made from an herb called Fenugreek, full of various testosterone boosting properties. It’s a safe supplement that can effectively help naturally boost testosterone for the long term.

Testodren made our list because of the formula’s simplicity and the effectiveness of the single ingredient in drastically boosting testosterone levels. Addressing low testosterone issues improves your sex life and leads to other improvements in your daily routine. Testodren is a one-pill-a-day supplement that adds that manly boost to your performance more effortless.


Semenax tackles an entirely different issue in bed. Have you ever dreamed of covering your girl with just insane volumes of cum? Do you wish you could perform like the pornstars?

Semenax uses an effective formula to naturally increase your semen volume upon ejaculation and intensify your orgasms. This formula is proven to increase seminal vesicle fluids, prostrate gland fluid, and seminal plasma and thicken the load through the bulbourethral gland fluid.

Advantages of Semenax

  • All-natural ingredients work together to improve your sexual experience.
  • Completely side effect free.
  • It is clinically proven to increase semen volume.
  • It is proven to intensify orgasms.
  • Positive reviews from men all around the world
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • cGMP Certified.

Disadvantages of Semenax

  • Focuses primarily on semen levels
  • Some reviews complain of experiencing too much semen and pre-cum.

Why Semenax Made The List

Even though Semenax is not the most typical form of male enhancement supplement – we love the results. Who doesn’t want to cum like a porn star? There’s no better way to finish than to see the massive effects of Semenax on your girl.

The all-natural ingredients effectively increase your semen volume and intensify every orgasm. Semenax made our list because, even though you might not have thought much about it before, drastically growing your semen level will do wonders for your manhood.

Volume Pills

Let’s stay on the same page regarding semen levels because now we have Volume Pills. If you love the idea of more cum, stronger orgasms, and better erections, then this is another supplement to look at.

Volume Pills utilizes 14 all-natural, organic ingredients to lead you to a 500% increase in cum levels with each orgasm. That’s a wild improvement. And not only does it increase semen levels, but it also helps improve blood flow to the genitals leading to more concrete erections.

Advantages of Volume Pills

  • Fourteen all-natural ingredients provide essential nutrients to your body.
  • It is clinically proven to increase semen volume.
  • Results in bigger and better erections
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • cGMP Certified.

Disadvantages of Volume Pills

  • Focuses primarily on semen levels
  • Quality ingredients mean a higher price tag relative to other semen volume supplements.

Why Volume Pills Made The List

We love Volume Pills because they dramatically increase cum load size and increase blood flow. This makes each orgasm feel better for both you and your partner. While it’s possible to get similar results from diet and refraining from ejaculation for long periods, nothing can beat the effects of Volume Pills.

Volume Pills made our list because it is produced by a trusted manufacturer that provides reliable and high-quality products for men. We trust the product and the cum-heavy results from this one.

ProSolution Plus

ProSolution Plus brings you all the benefits associated with a quality male enhancement supplement (better erections and increased sex drive) with an added boost to help prevent premature ejaculation.

ProSolution Plus uses a blend of all-natural herbs, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to give your body what it needs to perform at its peak. This is an excellent supplement if you’re looking for improved erectile quality, higher sexual satisfaction, and reduce premature ejaculation.

Advantages of ProSolution Plus

  • Clinically proven ingredients help men last longer in bed, improve erection quality, and prevent premature ejaculation.
  • It was shown to decrease premature ejaculation by 64%.
  • Increases nitric oxide levels, leading to firmer erections.
  • Doctor-Approved.
  • Reliable manufacturer.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • cGMP Certified.

Disadvantages of ProSolution Plus

  • Not the best option if you don’t suffer from premature ejaculation.
  • High-quality ingredients lead to a higher price tag.

Why ProSolution Plus Made The List

ProSolution Plus is a well-rounded male enhancement supplement that helps maintain better erections, helps control orgasms, reduces stress and anxiety, and reduces premature ejaculation.

This supplement made our list because it encompasses many of the fears and struggles men face in the bedroom. It is a one-pill solution to many different problems. And in addition, it is proven to be effective. The formula includes 90+ minerals and vitamins that help your body get where it should be.


ExtenZe is a classical male enhancement supplement that should not be looked over. It focuses on increasing blood flow to the penis, resulting in bigger and harder erections that can last for much longer. This is an excellent option if you are looking for an extra boost to your sexual performance while intensifying every climax.

ExtenZe uses all-natural ingredients that get that blood flowing to all three chambers of the penis. With more blood flow to the penis, you can enjoy those superhuman erections. You can also notice an increase in both the length and girth of your member. When men first look for a male enhancement supplement, one of these varieties is a good starting point.

Advantages of ExtenZe

  • All-natural formula to harden and strengthen erections
  • Noticeable increase in erect penis size
  • With over 1 billion pills sold, it is a popular choice among men.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • cGMP Certified.

Disadvantages of ExtenZe

  • It doesn’t guarantee the same results for everyone.
  • Must continue taking the supplement to see results.
  • With 15 high-quality ingredients, the price tag is relatively higher than lower quality products on the market.

Why ExtenZe Made The List

If you’re a man looking for a male enhancement supplement, you’re probably looking to do something about the size of your penis. ExtenZe made our list because it effectively increases the size of the erect penis.

This is a popular supplement among men for many reasons, so you should find it on any list of male enhancement supplements. And with a bigger and harder penis, both you and your partner can enjoy significantly more satisfaction from sex.

ProSolution Pills

ProSolution Pills is the precursor to the ProSolution supplement we previously talked about. This one made it a little lower on our list because the goal is more simplified than its Plus counterpart.

ProSolution Pills is another classic supplement that focuses on improving the erection quality, making sex more enjoyable and sensational. ProSolution Pills is a daily supplement that includes essential vitamins and minerals to keep a healthy blood flow to the penis, leading to bigger erection size and improved quality of sex.

Advantages of ProSolution Pills

  • Clinically studied ingredients to improve overall health and erection quality.
  • Discount pricing is available when buying in bulk.
  • Competitive pricing compared to its rivals.
  • Can take an additional tablet before sexual activity for an extra boost.
  • Positive reviews from customers.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • cGMP Certified.

Disadvantages of ProSolution Pills

  • Customers might want to consider ProSolution Plus if looking for extra help with premature ejaculation.
  • Must take two pills with a meal each day to see results.
  • Results can take up to a month to see.

Why ProSolution Pills Made The List

ProSolution Pills is an excellent option if you’re looking for stronger and harder erections and more control over those erections. This supplement puts the power in your hands with more stamina, intensified orgasms, and better control. All of this leads to higher sexual satisfaction for you and your partner.

ProSolution Pills made our list because of its all-natural and effective formula. ProSolution Pills include all-star aphrodisiac ingredients (such as Ginseng, Zinc, and Momordica) to give you the enhancement you are looking for.

VigRX Nitric Oxide

VigRX Nitric Oxide is a natural supplement that increases your body’s nitric oxide and blood flow. Before, we’ve mentioned how essential nitric oxide is to get blood flow down to the genitals for better erections. However, improved erection quality isn’t the only benefit of nitric oxide support.

VigRX Nitric Oxide also supports the cardiovascular system, increases muscle mass, gives more stamina for the bedroom and everyday life, and provides faster muscle recovery.

Advantages of VigRX Nitric Oxide

  • A comprehensive formula that provides well-rounded results improves many aspects of your daily life.
  • Ingredients and strategy supported by clinical trials
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • cGMP Certified.

Disadvantages of VigRX Nitric Oxide

  • A more extensive scope of results (if you are looking for only improved erection quality, this is not for you)
  • The best prices are only available when buying in bulk.
  • Must continue to continue to see results.

Why VigRX Nitric Oxide Made The List

VigRX Nitric Oxide addresses issues related to male sexual performance and goes straight to the source to solve it. This supplement dramatically improves the blood flow in your body, and by doing so, you aren’t only improving your erections.

VigRX Nitric Oxide made our list because while it does help significantly with achieving firmer erections, it also improves other areas of your life (such as your gym routine and overall energy levels). This is an excellent start if you’re looking for a well-rounded supplement packed with minerals and nutrients.

VigRX Tongkat Ali

We are returning to the subject of testosterone with #10 on our list: VigRX Tongkat Ali. This supplement focuses on boosting testosterone and HGH (human growth hormone) levels to achieve sustainable benefits of masculinity.

If you’ve noticed a decline in your sex drive, gym performance, and overall energy levels as you age, it might be due to testosterone levels. It’s essential to address testosterone and HGH levels if you want to get right back on track.

Advantages of VigRX Tongkat Ali

  • All-natural formula to boost both testosterone and HGH levels
  • A variety of improvements can be noticed in your life (weight loss, increase in muscle mass, increased libido, higher energy levels).
  • Affordable price.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • cGMP Certified.

Disadvantages of VigRX Tongkat Ali

  • The longer you take the supplement, the more drastic the results.
  • You might not need these well-rounded results.

Why VigRX Tongkat Ali Made The List

VigRX Tongkat Ali is a comprehensive supplement that can improve so many different aspects of your life. By increasing testosterone, cortisol, and HGH levels, you can feel more energized and ready for better gym workouts, a more active sex life, and more motivation for work and daily activities.

VigRX Tongkat Ali made our list because of its inclusive approach to improving a man’s health. You might be looking for more than an erection enhancer in your supplement, and if you are, this is an excellent option to consider.


Last but certainly not least, MagnaRX squeezes in on our list as another all-natural male enhancement supplement. This supplement contains 15+ ingredients that are natural aphrodisiacs, help support blood flow to the genitals, and boost testosterone levels.

MagnaRX results in harder erections, making your girl scream louder than before. With harder erections and increased sensual pleasure during sex, you’ll also notice a skyrocket in your self-confidence.

Advantages of MagnaRX

  • A comprehensive formula includes historically popular natural aphrodisiacs (such as Horny Goat Weed, Oyster Meat, and Ginseng).
  • Doctor-Approved.
  • A long history with thousands of raving reviews
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • cGMP Certified.

Disadvantages of MagnaRX

  • A higher cost compared with other supplements on our list.
  • Consider it a long-term investment, as you’ll want to continue taking it to see results.
  • Discounts and promotions are only available through official websites.

Why MagnaRX Made The List

MagnaRX is another classic male enhancement supplement that knows what men need and delivers on it. Most men looking for male enhancement supplements are looking to improve their sexual performance to feel more satisfying orgasms and provide more pleasure for their partner. MagnaRX is an excellent option to consider if this is what you’re after.

MagnaRX made our list because of its effective formula that guarantees results. While the pricing is a little steeper than other enhancement supplements, it comes with pages of positive reviews and testimonials. This is a popular choice among men from all over the world.

Which Male Enhancement Supplement Is Right For You?

Finding the best male enhancement supplement can be a chore because many are flooding the market. The truth of the matter is that a lot of them are scams or can’t quite deliver what they promise. To help with this, we’ve researched for you and chosen the top 11 to choose from.

Each male enhancement supplement on our list is cGMP certified, which means they all follow the same manufacturing guidelines as the top pharmaceutical manufacturers. They also all offer a money-back guarantee. This allows you to try the supplement and decide if it is right for you, with no financial risk.

There is an option for you, whether you are looking for a well-rounded, comprehensive male enhancement pill, a semen volume enhancer, or a testosterone booster. While Erectin stands at #1 on our list for effective ingredients, reliability, and intense results, each supplement has its benefits and various advantages.

If you’re ready to bring your sex life to the next level, go out there and try them yourself.

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